2009 Donors

Our Heartfelt Thanks to our Donors of 2009

$20,000 and up

Claude Moore Charitable Foundation
Jackson Foundation
Red Ribbon Foundation

$5,000 and up

Diane G. Gregg
Jason Grosfeld
Janet and Hunt Howell
The Marx-Better Foundation, Inc.
Medical Education Collaborative
Sheila and Lawrence Pakula MD

$2,500 and up

Pam and Tim Barnes
Nancy Barnes and Claire Potter
April and James Benson
Linda and Fred Blaisdell
Nancy and Roger Brown
Cleveland Dodge Foundation
Laurie and Jack Corkey
Susan and Dale Dunlop
Elizabeth and Sam Fox
Macquarie Group Foundation
The Penick Family Fund
Lenore and Rafe Pomerance
Betty and Phillip Powell
Nancy Risman
J.J. Segal Foundation
The Harold D. Shapiro Family Fund
St. Anne's Outreach Committee
Peggy and David Tanner
Jennifer and Ryan Whitney

$1,000 and up

Pam and Bob Adams
Kathy Beck
Phyllis and Alan Berger
Hughie and Selma Black Foundation
Kevin R. Blackburn
Camp Tawingo
Camp Vega for Girls
Maribeth Carroll
Jeri Jaeger Casden and Andrew M. Casden
Alexis Chapin-Downs
Aurelie Drexler
Eric Feder
Diana Gandolfi and Dan Wolfson
Cori Glass
Jasmine Green
Madelaine Haberman and Michael Sprung
Sally and Mike Horner
Shirley and Karl Ingebritsen
Anne and Rob Ivanhoe
Suzi Jones
Carol Kirson
Liliana and Valery Kostin
Roberta and Sheldon Kupper
Sue and Robert Lebby
Charles H. Ledley
Susan Levine
Jeffrey T Lodermeier
Ellen Maland and Don Adams
Andrew Martin
Peg and Lou Metzger
Lori and Robert Neuman
Doug Pierce
Rodger Popkin
Will Ris
Joseph Ritchey
Vicki and Jean-Andre Rougeot
Linda and Ken Schatz
Matt Simon
The Skier Foundation
Marjorie and Peter Smith
Aly Topping
Daniel Weir
Kohann Williams
Betty Lee Wright and Elizabeth Stillman
N.Convers Wyeth
Michele and Daniel Zenkel
Syliva and Jamie Zucker

$500 and up

Stephanie and Edward Abbott
Jeff Ackerman
Lawrence Ackman
Pamela and Tom Adler
Diane and Andy Alson
Artists Striving to End Poverty
Temple Beth Avodah
Gretchen Bambrick
Nancy Bard and Donald Baer
Fran and Anthony Barnes
Pat and Bob Barnett
Emily and Evan Bash
Laura Blaisdell and Andy Lilienthal
Carol Bradley
Rachel G. and Bartley J. Breinin
Camp Androscoggin
Camp Caribou For Boys
Camp Coleman Country Day Camp
Mary and Richard Casden
Citrix Systems
Leslie and Michael Cohen
Mary Ellen Craig
Sharron and Steve Cristofar
Lynda and Frank Dickerson
Audrey Dursht
Jennifer Eisenberg
Lucy and David Eisenberg
Judy and Brian Forst
Cheryl and Richard Freeman
Barbara Fain & Jason Gilbert
Jeffrey E. Glenn
Ann Marie and Steve Gold
Karen Hale and Kirby Yarbrough
Dayna and Terry Hardin
Susan and Eric Hellige
Barbara and Stanley Hirsch
Eric Howell
Susan Holyoke Johnston
Randye Kaplan and Gerald Blitstein
Amelia Kass
Diana and Michael Katz
Melinda and Peter Kay
Elizabeth and Morris Kellogg
Kents Hill School National Honor Society
Gudrun and Charles Kerr
Nancy King
Jamie and Harold Kotler
Doreen and Steve Larson
Sandy Leiser
Mary Sally and Burgess Levin
Benjamin H. Lilienthal
Kelly Lukins and Ken Propp
Sally & Tony Mann
The Rodney H. and Judy E. Margolis Foundation
Cornelius Marx
Jessica Tuchman Mathews
Virginia McGuire
Jean Meikle
Edith Middleton
Margaret and Robert Pastor
Jacqueline Raill
David Ralston
Charlie Rosenberg
Arlene and Chester Salomon
Rosalyn Sayer
Karen Schwartz
Ann and Ronald Scott
Judy Orin Segal
Janice Min & Peter Sheehy
E. William Smethurst Jr.
Patty and Richard Sperling
Jay R. Stager
Marjorie and Paul Stanzler
Mary Szpanka
Tom Sawyer Camps
Washington Plaza Baptist Church
Don Whipple
Williams Companies

$100 and up

Audrey P. Aanes
Jonnet and Peter Abeles
John Alciati
Catherine Allegra and James Tanner
Karen and Kent Allen
Ted Andrews
Maja Antonic
Richard Aronson
Jane and Tony Asch
Ann and James Astrove
Mark Atherton
Elizabeth Baer and Hank Maimin
Eva Barczay and Stephen Miller
Thomas Barilla
Betsy and Dan Barrett
Kelsey Barrett
Roberta and Harold Barron
Susan and Steve Baskin
Joanne and David Bauer
Dorothy and Sidney Bearman
Kathy/Robert Ann/Russell Beck
Paul Becker
John B. Bennett
Sandra and David Berler
Katherine and Chris Berman
Jill and Robert Bernstein
Heather Petersen Berry
Gale and John Blakley, Sr.
Craig Bloomgarden
Kirk Bloomgarden
John Bodkin
Delores Bohen
Jean and Bruce Boston
Ted Bosworth
Nancy and David Braun
Sally Horwatt and Robert Brodsky
Carolyn and Lloyd Brown
Michael Bruno
Sally Buggs
Kevin J. Burke and Steven Browning
Katherine Burlin
Andrew J Burnett
Lauchlin Burnett
Susan and Earle Burwell
Susan and Robert Caine
Graeme Strachan Cameron
David Campos
Bobbie and Monte Carmel
Adele and Rick Carter
Saffron and Timothy Case
Claudia Chaille
Rebecca Chaplan and David Nathan
Phyllis and Lenny Chorazy
Amy and Brian Christaldi
The Chumney Family
Karen and James Cleveland
Tom Conrad
Alice and Robert Cooper
Lisa Covert
Cathy Ann Cramer
Maxine Creanza and Peter Cory
Anna Crew
Mary Lockwood Crouch
Suki and Daniel Crowley
Lisa Dack
Helen and Grady Dale, Jr.
Kathleen and Jack Daley
Michelle De Cou-Landberg
Claire and Albert DeLauro
Eleanor Delfyett
Barbara and Mike Ditzian
Patricia Donovan
Jill Dundas
Helen and Ronald Dunn
Edgewater Group, L.L.C.
Virginia Egger and Andre Schwartz
Renee and Jeff Epstein
Michael Fechter
Margaret and Samuel Flax
Nancy Frankel
Helen and Henry A. Freedman
Madeline Fried
David Friedman
Deborah R. Fuller
Margaret Gasnick
Amy B. Gelles
Nia Georges and Bob Etnyre
The Estelle Friedman Gervis Charitable Foundation
Carol and Merle Gile
Victoria Gilmore and Terry Greiss
Allison Glasser
Barbara and Gerald Goldberg
Pauline and Henry Goldberg
Sybil Goldman
Leila Gordon
Stefany Gordon and Jethro Eisenstein
Caren and Dick Gorenberg
Ellen Graves
Allan Gropper
Nancy and Carl Gropper
Ellen and Bob Gutenstein
Linnea Hamer
Denise Hanna and William Anderson
Linda and Philip Hargesheimer
Karen Harwood
Rachel D. Hastie
Robert Heath
Sally and Elliot Heller
Heidi Hellring & Nate Arnell
Janet and Mark Hershey
Diana and Merton Hill
Kristen and Matthew Hill
Hillside Camp
Susan Hine
Yvonne and Allan Hoffman
Marianna Houston
HSBC Philanthropic Programs
Karetta B Hubbard
Catherine and Willie Hudgins
Kathleen Hunter
Donna and Marcel Infeld
Sarah and Tom Janover
Nancy and Sterling Jasper
Terrell Jenkins
Cheryl and Derek Jones
Liz and Richard Kadin
Marcy and Paul Kadin
Joanne Kates
Judith Katz & David Levine
Laura and Ken Kaufman
Sue and Bob Kaufman
Patty and Kevin Kennedy
Susan Kenyon and Richard Abrams
Shakta Khalsa
Caleb and Ben Kirshner
Leni Klaimitz and Mitchell Berg
Bettina and Michael Klein
Michele and Kevah Konner
Cary and Sharon Koplin
Ruth and Michael Kozower
Andrea and Robert Kramer
James Kresberg
Joel Anne and Arthur Lambert
Tom Langman
Nancy and Cal Larson
Deborah Lesser
Della Levy
Marjorie and Richard Lewis
Lisa Lichtenberg
Susan & James Lifter
Barbara Lilienfield
Joan Lister and Steven Fogel
Cynthia B. Lloyd
Bonnie and Carrol Lock
Cynthia F. Lovin
George Lukas
Marilyn and Jerry Lyle
Gikeno N Maina
Kiongo Waciuma Maina
Sara and Jeff Mandell
Babs and Bob Mann
Jay S. Markowitz
Eveline and Michael Marquardt
Melinda and Mark Maxwell-Smith
Emily and John McDermott
Gail McDonald-Pearson
Beverly A. McEntarfer
Scott McGrath
Scott T. McGuire
Regan and Doug McNair
Marion and Glenn S. Meader
Peg Metzger
Jill and Richard Meyer
Dorothy Miller
Priscilla, Peter and Robert Miller
Linn and Terry Mitchell
Craig H. Morgan
Claire Moses
Motorola Foundation
Barbara and David Mullaney
Diane and Timothy Naughton
Rona Nelson
Stephanie Nelson and Shawn Nelson
Barbara and Paul Newbigging
Abbie H Newman
Herbert Newman MD
Mary Newmann & Ted Smith
Patty and Bill Nicoson
Mary Nolan
Yon Papageorgiou
Carol and Richard Papper
Mary Beth Patten
Janet and John L. Pattillo
Laurie and David Pauker
Carol and Richard Paul
Valerie L. Phillips
Valeriy Plotnikov
Jane and Ken Plum
Marilyn S. Pomerance
Cyndy and Jack Porter
Sharis and Thorn Pozen
E. John Prebis
Linda and Richard Pulliam
Susan and William Quill
Marcia and Bill Rafkin
Roz and Stuart Rakoff
Terrence Ratigan
Jan and Lee Rau
Adrienne Ris
Mrs. George Risman
Patsy Rogers
Janice and Victor Romley
Thomas Rosenberg
Deb and Jonathan Rosenbloom
David Roll
Regie and Jeffrey Roth
Tara E Verdonk Rougle
Marcy Sandler and Jim Janover
Eveleen and Eric Sass
Julia and Phillip Savia
Kathryn and Gregory Sayer
Leslie Scheuler
Martha & David Schwartz
Mary and David Searles
Elizabeth and Davood Sedaghatfar
Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg
Harriet and Robert Selverstone
Christine and Fritz Seving
Shining Circle, Inc.
Wendy and Michael Silver
Linda A , and Jerry Singer
Irene and David Smith
Naomi and Jonathan Smulian
Marion and Delbert Spurlock
Craig Squires
Raymond C. Stewart
Jodi and Robert Stiffelman
Elizabeth J. Stillman
Jamie R Strachan
Jill Mary Strachan
Virginia Strachan
Robin Straus
Carol & Steve Sudduth
Eric Tanner
Estelle and Harold Tanner
Mark Tanner
Jane and Bill Taubman
Stefan Teodosic
Cheryl Terio and Bob Simon
Anne W. Thomas
Carol and Laura Thomas
Muriel and Charles Thomas
Ben Timian
Patricia W. Timmons
Tom Trask
Tracey Thomas Travis
Traci and Ted Truman
Unum Group
Beverly and Chuck Veatch
Ehren Vokes
Lois Wallace
Emily and Stephen Ward
Quay and Frank Watkins
Lina Watson and Jack Byrd
Robert Webb
Alexis Weiss
Betsy Werthan and Ben Schwartz
Jack and Jill of Westchester
Philippa and Philipp Wharton
Scott and Sally Whipple
Jean White
Laura Williams and Daniel Goldstein
Martha Windich
Victoria and Vernon Wingert
Frances and Richard Winneg
David Wolff
Barbara M. Wood and Jim Niesen
Nancy M. and Saul Yanofsky
Beth Young
Linda & Mick Zenick
Esther and Stanley Zimmerman

Every Bit Counts

Margaret Adams
Menda and Thomas Ahart
Lisa and Zubaid Ahmad
Dave H Allan
Bonnie Allen
Jacqueline F. Allen
Karen Allen
Garth Altenburg
Becky and Marc Altman
Maile S Armstrong
Rachel B. Arroyo
Jane and Tony Asch
Patricia M. Asch
Valasie and Jerry August
Ann and Bill Barbieri
Victoria and Christopher Barnabi
Judy E. Barokas Rev Trust
Peter Bassett
Sanderijn Batelaan
Robert R. Beck
Meredith Belman
Erin and John Bennett
Mara Berde
Jina Billup
Aaron S Binstock
Carol B. Blackburn
Dana Blocker
Aliza Bloom
Diane L Carroad
Emma Coles
Ann and Richard Chamberlain
Daphne Olivia Chapman
Jennifer L .Chestnut
Cecilia D. Crutchfield
Noel Francis Darrohn
Lindsay Davies
Nancy Davis
Charles Dell
Carol and John Demicco
Cathy and Josh Deutchman
Bea and Nick DiMichael
Kathryn Dingle
Jill Randy Doctor
Kathleen and Thomas Donnelly
Katherine D. Duke
Carol Eigenrauch
Jim Elder
Leisa and E. Allen Emerson
J.D. Epps
Alan Epstein
Debra Ettenberg
Tim Evers
Barbara and Henry Felt
Joanne and Gary Field
Alison D. Fine
Erin Fisher
Ellen Flight
Lynne and Gary Forester
Andrea and Ian Frankfort
Howard Freed
Marjorie and Joel Friedman
Sandi and Michael H. Friedman
Natasha Friend and Erik Kuja
Kate Garner
Stephanie Gattis
Maureen and Andrew Gilbert
Kelly Giza
Marie-Christine Godbout
Florence and Peter Golden
Natalie Goldfein
Patricia and David Goldstein
Denise and Evan Graf
David Graham
Louis Raisler Greer
Erin Grittani
Thomas T. Hanford
Cora and Eugene Harper
Jaimie Harper
Zenola Harper and Allen Green
William L Hauser
William Herz
Kerstin, Kristine and Robert Hoeldtke
Lauren Hopkinson
Nancy I. Horsey
Kanita Howard
Lindsay Marie Howell
Whitney Hunter
Monica and Llewellyn Hyacinthe
Michael Hyman
Deborah and Kenneth Jenkins
Brenda B. Johnston
Dorothy Johnson
Judi Kaufman and William Glaberson
Amy and Brad Kearse
Mary Anne and Kynoch Kendall
Caroline P. Kenney
Melissa and Christian Klein
Karen Kollins
Leslie and Arthur Kopit
Marsha and Hugh Kramer
Ilona and Richard Landfield
Grace Lynn Lanni
Helen and Leroy Latten
Tony Lembeck
Catherine A. Lemmon
Colin Leonard
Naomi Less
Sarah Johannah Lesser
Karla Lhotsky
Lisa Cynamon Mayers
Teresa and Michael McCrary
Orla Marian McDonagh
Rachel P. Mepani
Linda Miller
Peter Minnema
Jenny Mirmelstein
Ann I. Moore
Kay and Richard Morgan
Chloe and John Morris
Mary Curry Narayan
Kay and Craig Nelson
Network For Good
BeBe Nguyen
Karen Noel and Lothar Witteborg
Freda and Darryl Nunn
Karen and Gary O'Neal
Kathleen and Joseph Oris
Deborah M. Ortiz
Lisa Palmer
Portia L. Palmer
Stephanie and Dennis Palmer
Willy Papper
Adele Parsons
Carolyn Sue Parsons and Jerry Pippins
Mary Beth and Marion Patten
Patricia and Adam Perlstein
Peter Persoff
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Christian Pickering
Martha and Paulo Pinto
Debra and Don Posner
Jane Potter
Gwynn Powell
Holly Prince
Mary Jean Pronske
Jane Ragsdale
Rector's Discretionary Fund of St. John's Church
Gail and Joseph Reimer
Barbara Rentel
Karen Richardson
Kelly Riopelle
Ashleigh Robbins
Ed Robichaud
Pablo Francisco Rodriguez
Robert Ross
Rachel Ruskin
Gail B. Russell
Teresa Sariol
Deborah and Jeffrey Schein
Melissa and Scott Schiller
Barbara and Paul Schwarz
Michaelene Scott and David Medlock
Bob Secundy
Aaron Selkow
P. Sellars-Mulhern
Bernard Sewell
Laal Fatima Shams
Aimee and Edward Shay
Marilyn Sinskie
Adrianne Sochats and Christopher Zeiders
Bradley Solmsen
Jeremy Solomons
Deb and Roger Sperling
Jason Sperling
Shoshana Spiegel and Ted Stewart
Micah Stanbridge
Darby and Jon Steiger
Dominika and Donald Stephens
Sam Stewart
Linda G. Stone-Ritter
Kate Strachan
Chauncey Street
Pamela Sullivan
Gentle Thunder
Mary and Chuck Triest-Ross
Yvonne Tropp
Sibilla and Philip Tucker
Linda and Robert Vilensky
Belkis Vizcaino-Reyes
Muriel J. Waggoner
Channie Waites
K.l. and Calvin L. Wallace
Jill and Richard Waller
Vicky and Mike Wason
Cori Webb
Camp Wekeela
Lisa Weston and Robert Hansen
Teresa Whitfield
Kristen Whitnack
Carol Alaka Williams
Laura Marie Yager
Carla Yock
Rebecca Youngerman
Cornelia and William Zell
Julie Zuckerman

Gifts In-Kind

American Camping Association Camp Badge Holders
Nancy Barnes Airfare to South Africa for December Camp
Pam and Tim Barnes Airfare to South Africa for December Camp
Phyllis Berger Airfare for South Africa December Camp
Rachel Blackburn Airfare for South Africa December Camp
Charles Butler Toiletries
Camp Ouareau Inc Burts Bees Starter Kit, toiletries, Botanics Kit
Camp Tawingo Water Bottles
Carlos Campbell Computer Equipment
Alexis Chapin-Downs Airfare for camp March 2009 in South Africa
Jeff Courrington Beverages for the Austin Fundraising Event
Digital Color Graphics Discount of printing GCA stationary
Aurelie Drexler Airfare for the March 2009 Camp in South Africa
Flaghouse, Inc. Freezer packs, boogie boards, flotation vests, devices and art supplies
Ellen Flight T-shirts and hats
Cori Glass Airfare to South Africa for December Camp
Steve Gold Airfare for Board meeting April 2009
Jasmine Green Airfare to South Africa for March 2009 camp
Suzi Jones Board Meeting expenses and supplies for GCA April Fundraising Event
Junior Girl Scout Troop 1223 Baseball caps
Edward Kastenmeier Alexander McCall Smith Books - Tea Time for the Traditionally Built
Nancy King Airfare for South African March 2009 camp
Benjamin H. Lilienthal One childs computer
Andrew Martin Airfare for South African camp March 2009
Virginia McGuire Donations for the Austin fundraising Event, Airfare for August 2009 Board Meeting
Peg Metzger Mileage for Board meeting in ME 08/09 from Boston and Reston
Amanda Miller Beanie Babies
Elizabeth Ollo Toiletries and games
Kathleen and Joseph Oris Hats, washcloths and blankets, cot sized hand-knitted blankets
Tia Pearse various toiletries
Claire Potter Airfare to South Africa for December Camp
Nancy Risman Airfare for Board Meeting in April 2009 in Reston
Robbie Lewis Foundation AED, case, two adult pads, one childs pad, two batteries, and fast response kit
Paul Rubenstein Art supplies
Karen Schwartz Sneakers and socks
Ann and Ronald Scott GIK for Board meeting in ME 08-09
Samantha Simmons Vaious toiletries
Matt Simon Airfare to South Africa for March 2009 camp
Sonya and Jimmy Sohn Beanie babies
Jodi Sperling Airfare for South Africa December Camp
Aly Topping Airfare for December 2009 camp in South Africa
Daniel Weir Airfare to South Africa for March 2009 Camp
Jack and Jill of Westchester Sneakers, sandles and toiletries
Kohann Williams Airfare for Board meeting in ME August 2009


Pat and Bob Barnett
Erin and John Bennette

2009 Camp Counselors

Becky and Marc Altman
Nancy Barnes and Claire Potter
Pam and Tim Barnes
Anne Bates
Mara Berde
Phyllis and Alan Berger
Rachel Blackburn
Karenne Jo Bloomgarden
Alexis Chapin-Downs
Aurelie Drexler
Alison D. Fine
Cori Glass
Natalie Goldfein
Jasmine Green
Jaimie Harper
Peter Harrison
Joanne Kates
Nancy King
Liliana and Valery Kostin
Naomi Less
Lynn Lilienthal
Philip Lilienthal
Kabelo Malefane
Michael Markham
Andrew Martin
Rachel P. Mepani
Liliana Merkyte
Rosalyn Sayer
Aaron Selkow
Matt Simon
Jodi Sperling
Kate Strachan
Aly Topping
Beth Young