2008 Donors

Our Heartfelt Thanks to our 2008 donors!

$50,000 and up
Claude Moore Charitable Foundation
$20,000 and up
The Gilead Foundation

Jason Grosfeld

Nancy and James Grosfeld Foundation
$10,000 and up
Red Ribbon Foundation
Peter J. Solomon Family Foundation
$5,000 and up
Jennifer Bowker
Jacob Gilbert's Bar Mitzvah
Diane G. Gregg
The David & Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation
Jackson Foundation
Macquarie Bank Foundation
Doug Pierce
Nancy and Robbie Risman
Sterne Kessler Goldstein Fox
The Timber Lake Foundation
$2,500 and up
Coleman Family Camps
Jack & Laurie Corkey
Elizabeth and Sam Fox
Janet and Hunt Howell
Sandra  and Carl Jaffee
Sheila and Lawrence Pakula MD
Unity Church of the Hills
Jennifer and Ryan Whitney
$1,000 and up
Pam and Bob Adams
Ruth and Denis Altman
Artists Striving to End Poverty
Adam Baer Bar Mitzvah
Pam and Tim Barnes
April and James Benson
Linda and Fred Blaisdell
Nancy and Roger Brown
Camp Caribou For Boys
Camp Southwoods
Maribeth Carroll
Jeri Jaeger Casden and Andrew M. Casden
Cleveland Dodge Foundation
Susan and Dale Dunlop
Matthew C. Everett
Katherine and Bernd Foecking
Ann Marie and Steve Gold
Shirley and Karl Ingebritsen
Anne and Rob Ivanhoe
Suzi Jones
Carol and Robert Kemp
Knisely Family Foundation
Liliana and Valery Kostin
Sue and Robert Lebby
Lynn Lilienthal
Catherine and Walter Malinowski
Sally & Tony Mann
Peg and Lou Metzger
Edith Middleton
Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning
The Penick Family Fund
Lenore and Rafe Pomerance
Phillip Powell
Tala Qashu
Mary and David Searles
The Harold D. Shapiro Family Fund
Cheryl Terio and Bob Simon
Aimee, Henry and Jeffrey Skier
Marjorie and Peter Smith
Madelaine Haberman and Michael Sprung
Weiss Family Charitable Foundation
Don Whipple
Kohann Whitney
N. Convers Wyeth
$500 and up
Lawrence Ackman
Heidi Hellring & Nate Arnell
Richard Aronson
Emily and Evan Bash
Maddie Berg
Carol Bradley
Donna and Michael Brandwein
Rachel G. and Bartley J. Breinin
Broadridge Securities Processing Solutions
Camp Tawingo
Camp Winnebago
Camps Baco and Che-Na-Wah
Catalina Island Camp
Alexis Chapin-Downs
Leslie and Michael Cohen
Adam Cohn
Sharron and Steve Cristofar
Mary Lockwood Crouch
Michael K. Crowe
Aaron Davis
Lynda and Frank Dickerson
Denise M. Donadio
Jill Dundas
Lucy and David Eisenberg
Renee and Jeff Epstein
Vicki Singh and Joe Francis
Baba and Monroe Freeman
Michele Friedman
The Estelle Friedman Gervis Charitable Foundation
Laura Williams and Daniel Goldstein
Peter Hirsch
Patsy and Martin Jansons
Susan Holyoke Johnston
Joan Kasprowicz
Diana and Michael Katz
Elizabeth and Morris Kellogg
Patty and Kevin Kennedy
Kents Hill School
Bettina and Michael Klein
Jamie and Harold Kotler
Sheldon Kupper
Joel Anne and Arthur Lambert
Doreen and Steve Larson
Doreen & Steve Larson
Susan Levine
Susan Levine
Marjorie and Richard Lewis
Benjamin H. Lilienthal
Jeff Lodermeier
Sherry Morse and John Maccabee
Claire Marx
Cornelius Marx
Virginia McGuire
Sally and Steven Meisner
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Melissa Mooney
Lori and Robert Neuman
Cyndy and Jack Porter
Kelly Lukins and Ken Propp
David Ralston
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Utah
Anke Richter
Hannah Robins
Linda and Ken Schatz
Ann and Ronald Scott
Scott Whipple Mountain Camp
Janice Min & Peter Sheehy
Pat and Bob Silverman
Tom Sawyer Camps
Grace Upshaw
Nyasha L. Vera
Ginny and Luis Villa
Washington Plaza Baptist Church
Dan Werner
The Williams Companies, Inc.
Diane and Mark Wladis
Diana Gandolfi and Dan Wolfson
Richard E. Zimmerman
$250 and up
Jonnet and Peter Abeles
Ted Andrews
Jane and Tony Asch
Thomas Barilla
Fran and Anthony Barnes
Joanne and David Bauer
Kathy and Robert Beck
Katherine and Chris Berman
Jill and Robert Bernstein
Sabine Bisson
Delores Bohen
Orly Carley
Tom Conrad
Mary Ellen Craig
Mrs Edward Eisenhart
Michael Fechter
Judy and Brian Forst
David Freund
Margaret Gasnick
Mark Giesen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Giesen
Maureen and Andrew Gilbert
Barbara Fain & Jason Gilbert
Florence and Peter Golden
Leila Gordon
Nancy and Carl Gropper
Ellen Cohen and Dan Haber
Robert Heath
Janet and Mark Hershey
Audrey Durst and Sandy Herzfeld
Kristen and Matthew Hill
Shawn and John Intorcio
Sarah and Tom Janover
The John E. Fetzer Institute
Shakta Khalsa
Meredith Kimbell
Leni Klaimitz and Mitchell Berg
Andrew Landis
Nancy and Cal Larson
Judith Katz & David Levine
Cynthia Lloyd
Carolyn Love
Denise and Steve Males
John Marks
Jean Meikle
Jill and Richard Meyer
Claire and Arnie Moses
Rebecca Chaplan and David Nathan
Obama for America
Alexa Popcheff
Adrienne Ris
Leone Risman
Janice and Victor Romley
Andy Rougeot
Arlene and Chester Salomon
Dugan Schwalm
Martha & David Schwartz
Davood Sedaghatfar
Linda and Jerome Singer
Irene and David Smith
Sterne Kessler Goldstein Fox
Carol & Steve Sudduth
Mary Szpanka
Pat and Ron Taylor
Patricia W. Timmons
Lois Wallace
Emily and Stephen Ward
Virginia Weil
Jean White
$100 and up
Stephanie and Edward Abbott
Susan Kenyon and Richard Abrams
John Alciati
Ann and James Astrove
Beverly and Armand Ball
Betsy and Dan Barrett
Kelsey Barrett
Dorothy and Sidney Bearman
Madelyne and Sheldon Berman
Craig Bloomgarden
Kirk Bloomgarden
Mary & John Bodkin
Catherine S. Bollinger
Jean and Bruce Boston
Marion and Dennis Boston
William Bouie
J. Andrew Breuer
Grace and William Bule
Kevin J. Burke
Katherine Burlin
Susan and Bud Burwell
Bobbie and Monte Carmel
Adele and Rick Carter
Daniel Castro
Wayne A Caswell
Claudia Chaille
Joseph Chazan
Phyllis and Lenny Chorazy
Amy and Brian Christaldi
The Chumney Family
Janis Claflin
Karen and James Cleveland
Lisa and Dan Coffey
Genevieve W. and Michael R. Coffey
Maxine Creanza and Peter Cory
John Coyne
Judy and Thomas Crosby
Peter Cullinan and Amy Weickert
Claire and Albert DeLauro
Cathy  and Josh Deutchman
Pat Donovan
Ellyn Dooley
Stefany Gordon and Jethro Eisenstein
Karen Eisenstein
Donna and Steven Elrod
Resa and David Eppler
Alex Eppler's Bar Mitzvah
Jose Manuel Espino
Susan Fairbanks
Deborah and Ron Fellman
The Fiascone Family
Joanne and Gary Field
Loraine Field
Margaret and Samuel Flax
Nancy Frankel and Mary Atwell
Joanne Franzel
Sandra Fredman
Gill and Brian Fredman
Helen and Henry A. Freedman
Cheryl and Richard Freeman
Madeline Fried
Marjorie and Joel Friedman
Deborah R. Fuller
Carol and Merle Gile
Anita and Richard Gilford
Darlene and Lawrence Gilford
Allison Glasser
Joan Goldberg
Bonnie and Norman Golden
Michael B Golden
Betty and George Gordon
Caren Gorenberg
Ellen Graves
Victoria Gilmore and Terry Greiss
Allan Gropper
Gregory S Grossman
Paulette and David Grzankowski
Tessa Haas
Lianne and John Halloran
Seth Halpern
Janeen and Steven Hansen
Barbara Nichols and Harold Henry
Gwenn Scheuer and William Herz
Nancy and Allen Hirschfield
Harriet and Kenneth Hirsh
Christopher Hooban
Nelia and Ron Hooban
HSBC Philanthropic Programs
Marcel Infeld
Judy R. and James R. Ireland
Elena Istomina
Dan Jade and Lachlan Dowling
Marcy Sandler and Jim Janover
Martha Johnson
Muriel Kaplan
Sue and Bob Kaufman
Tommy Kennedy
Margaret Keys
Alisa Marie King
Karen and Ivan Kline
Roni Berg & Peter Knitzer
Sharon and John Koeble
Oliver Koppell
Ella and Leon Krzetowski
Peggy Kubert
Ronald Kulik
Judith and David Lahm
Owen Langbart
Tom Langman
Deborah and Michael Lesser
Della Levy
Arlene and John Lewis
Barbara Lilienfield
Cindy Linn
Jeffrey T Lodermeier
George Lukas
Marilyn and Jerry Lyle
Elizabeth Baer and Hank Maimin
Eric and Eden Mallon
Roberta Mallon
Babs and Bob Mann
Catherine and David McCool
Bev McEntarfer
Regan and Doug McNair
Karen Meltzer
Kathleen and Paul Mendelson
Eva Barczay and Stephen Miller
Linn and Terry Mitchell
Motorola Foundation
Barbara and David Mullaney
Marion Myers
Kay Nelson
Kim and John Nelson
Lori and Robert Neuman
Herbert A. Newman
Tracy and Peter Newman
Patty and Bill Nicoson
Jane and Robert O'Brien
Saori Okawa
Margaret and Robert Pastor
Mary Beth and Marion Patten
Carolyn Perlow
Jane and Ken Plum
Barbara Pollock
G Edward Popcheff
Nikki Popcheff
Thomas M. Popcheff
Babette J. Potter
Gwynn Powell
Jill Price
Linda and Richard Pulliam
Hasan and Banan Qashu
Marcia and Bill Rafkin
Roz and Stuart Rakoff
Terrence Ratigan
Jan and Lee Rau
Suzanne C. Ravel
Zan Ray
Rector's Discretionary Fund of St. John's Church
Jeremy Adam Robbins
Mary Lou and James Roberts
Hannah Robins' Bat Mitzvah
Nancy Robinson
Patsy Rogers
Bernie Roland
David Roll
Charlie Rosenberg
Ken Rothchild III
Tara E Verdonk Rougle
Maryette and Richard Sachs
Julie Samuels
Michael E. Sanders
Eveleen and Eric Sass
Gary Schanzer
Sherry A. and Donald A. Schmidt
Betsy and Budd Schulberg
Virginia Egger and Andre Schwartz
Harriet and Bob Selverstone
Beatrice and Bernard Shore
Brad Short
Jeffrey Kiefer Shulkin
Fotini Sideris
Mark E. Singrey
Carina Slepian
Naomi and Jonathan Smulian
Cathy Spear
Marjorie Stone
Mary and John Sullivan
Gretchen and William Sullivan
Constance and Edwin Sultan
Suntrust Bank
Mary Szpanka
Robbie Tanner
Eric Tanner
Travel Beyond
Traci and Ted Truman
Kari and Lawrence Uman
Unum Group
Mark Van Winkle
Cynthia and Christopher Vasiloff
Jo Betsy Vaught
George Vollmuth
Caroline T. Watson
Robert Webb
Hilary Meyers and Harry Weinerman
Alexis Weiss
Karen and Michael Wetmore
Philippa and Philipp Wharton
Victoria and Vernon Wingert
Frances and Richard Winneg
Write By Design
Karen Hale and Kirby Yarbrough
Sharon L. Yarlas
Richard Yuch
Jeremy Zangara
Linda & Mick Zenick
Esther and Stanley Zimmerman
Risa Zwerling
A BIG thank you to these great supporters!
Jay Alexander
Lara Altman
Bradley John Altman
Valasie August
Teresa A. Austin
Maggie and R. Jeffrey Bailly
Mary F. Baker
Ann and Bill Barbieri
Joan and Michael Barlow
Deborah and Edward Becher
Kimberley Patton and Bruce Beck
Joyce L. Beck
Leslie and Wayne Becker
Mary Belkin
Dana L Berlin
Amy and Richard Berman
Marybeth and Mark Bertrand
Syril and Marvin Beskin
B. Bernadette Bettard
Lisa and Robert Bragole
Sheila Brannan
Diane Brawarsky
Sally Brodsky
Jane Buchsbaum
Susan and Robert Caine
Diane L Carroad
Amy H. Carthew
Catherine and Ashley Casellini
Change Round-Up
Jean and Lewis Chase
Julie-anne Christy
Susan Cohn
Harry Leon Cohn
Lissie Connelly
Patricia Corson
Lisa Covert
Suzanne Wright Crain
Anna Crew
Jeanne V. Dake
Nancy Davis
Charles Dell
Kathleen and Thomas Donnelly
Frank D Dubinsky
Helen and Ronald Dunn
Paulette M. Dunn
Carol Eigenrauch
Marci Eisen
Jim Elder
Sally and Philip Englert
Sandra Etskovitz
Samantha and Daniel Fay
Lara Field
Sheila and Peter Finn
Erin Fisher
Curtis Fellows Flynn
Joan Lister and Steven Fogel
Lakrishna S. Freeman
Michael H Friedman
Charlene E. Gagon
Pamela and Jerry Gilbert
Kevin M Golden
Tim Gray
Penny and James Guest
Joan and Wilson Guilianelli
Anne and Jack Guskin
Tessa Haas Bat Mitzvah
Brad K. Hale
Linda and Philip Hargesheimer
Nancy Harriss
Tina Harryman
Nikki Hauss
Jerril J. Henry
Susan Hertz and William S. Steelman
Sharon and John Hickman
Catharine Hill
Catherine and Gerald Hill
Muriel J. Holloran
Sheila Grant and James Ingram
Anne Jaffe
Yvonne A. Johnson
Brenda B. Johnston
Marcy and Paul Kadin
Phyllis Kahn
Alison Rosenberg and Charles Kallenbach
Jonah Kallenbach's Bar Mitzvah
Laura and Ken Kaufman
William L. Kealing
Amy and Brad Kearse
Rebecca and Timothy Kelly
Maryanne and Kynoch Kendall
Tommy Kennedy Kicks4Camps
Tommy Kennedy Kicks4Camps
Barbara King
Caleb and Ben Kirshner
Brenda and Jeffrey Kling
Patricia Koch
Paul Kotelov
James Kresberg
Melissa LaBille
Landwerlen & Rothkopf
Jean and Nicholas Lanham
Helen Latten
Judy Lincoff
Patricia A. Lyon
Cynthia A. Mallow
Jonnie M. Marks
Liz McCauley
Catherine and Jay McCloy
Linda Ingram and Joseph McCubbin
Diana McGary
Mike Metzger
Daniel Meyer's Bar Mitzvah
Daniel Meyer's Bar Mitzvah
Judith Michael
D. L. Morris
Patti-Ann Lastennet Morse
Mary Curry Narayan
Network For Good
Lizzy Mallon and Eric P. Neufeld
Abbie H Newman
Leslie H. Outten
Maryann and Joseph Padellaro
Linda and Glenn Palsky
Thomas Pappalardo
Snowdon Parlette
Leah and Christoph Pasch
Anthony Pastor
Peter Persoff
Margaret A. and Steven R. Petersen
Dottie-Beth and Jeff C. Pitzi
Roxana Plackis
Paige E. Pozzi
Mary Byrne Pozzi
Nadine and Simon Preston
Kathleen L. Preston
Mary Jean Pronske
Elizabeth and Spencer Purinton
Brian Ralston
Ann and George Reardon
Robin Emmerling and Sam Reeves
Gail and Joseph Reimer
Dina and Daniel Relles
Janet and Alan Rems
Karen Richardson
Kathleen and Timothy Roberts
Julie and Christopher Roberts
Peggy and Vincent Roberts
Lee and Stephen Roseman
Logan Sherman Rosenthal
Florence and Michael Sagett
Linda and Criag Salah
Laurie Sand
Antoinette and James Sanders
SAP Matching Gift Program
Teresa Sariol
Teresa Sariol
David Schanzer
Linda and Ken Schatz
Susan Schwarzwald
Bob Secundy
Edward Seidman
Diane R. Shapiro
Gertrude Sherman
Sidwell Friends School
Judy A. Siegal
Rosemary Smiroldo
Mary Kennedy-Smith and Donald Smith
Marti Schweitzer and Richard Smith
Linda G. Stone-Ritter
Robin Straus
Chauncey Street
Lani and Brian Strom
Anita and Richard Sullivan
Kris and Ronald Summit
Lisa and Hans Sundstrom
Faith and William Sweeney
Margaret and Sean Sweeney
Anne W. Thomas
Mariellen Treptow
Kari and Lawrence Uman
United Way of Greater Greensboro
United Way of The National Capital Area
United Way of New York City
Priscilla Butler and Allen Vieira
Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg
Kathleen and Paul Vitale
Jill and Richard Waller
Fay and Rick Wasserman
Mrs. Fred Watton
Sharon Weintraub
Sara Wetherbee
E. Jane Whitaker
Sonia and Philip Wilhelm
Donald A. Williams
Jonnie L. Williams
Priscilla Wish
Harrell Wittenstein
Carla Yock
Marla and Philip Zipin
Christopher Zorich
Gifts In-Kind

Becky and Marc Altman Pictures from Dec '08 camp
American Camping Association ID neckware, duffle bag, shampoo, lotion, hair conditioner, hand soap
Tony Asch airfare for Board meeting in Maine Aug 2008
Tony Asch airfare for Board meeting in Reston Oct 2008
Tony Asch computer work for GCA
Bangor High School Toothpaste, toothbrushes, paint bottles, hats, games, UNO cards, construction paper, paint brushes, markers, crayons, bead kit & bracelet kit
Anthony Barreirra r/t airfare for camp $1,300
Tim Bloom hats, shoes, flip flops, sox, watch
Carol Bradley airefare to board meeting in ME on 08/08
Caroline Breinin sneakers
Tess Burroughs 1 swimsuit 9brand new)
Camp Central Park duffel bags
Camp Mechuwana sneakers, sandles, toiletries, office supplies, story books, hats, notebooks, cards
Camp Mechuwana misc art supplies. misc. office supplies. baseball caps
Orla Carley r/t airefare for camp
Adele and Rick Carter toiletries - 7 bath soap and 1 face soap
Perry Choy hats
Marla and George Coleman toiletries
Ross Coleman r/t airfare for camp
Coleman Family Camps various toiletries
Coleman Family Camps toiletries
Coleman Family Camps
Jeff Daly r/t airfare for camp
Denise M. Donadio Airfare to S.A. for camp; Marchl 2008 camp
Denise M. Donadio r/t airfare for camp
Matthew C. Everett r/t airfare for camp
Katherine Foecking r/t airfare for camp
Vicki Singh and Joe Francis 6 pairs of shoes at $5.00 per pair
Gardiner Area High School various toiletries, art supplies, office supplies, hats and sneakers
Steve Gold r/t airfare to VA for Board meeting
Steve Gold airfare for Board mtg in Reston Oct 2008
Steve Gold r/t airfare to board meeting and fundraiser
Lauren M Grasch scarves (3)
Lisa Gray soccer balls, sneakers, backpack, panties, mens briefs, jeans, sweater, shirt, shorts, soccer shorts, shirst
Lisa Gray sneakers, handkerchirf, backpacks, parka, sweatshirts, soccer shorts, shirts, t-shirts and sleeveless shirts
Pamela Hall r/t airfare for camp
Sally Haynes slates & erasers (25)
Susan Huff slates and erasers (25)
International Camping Fellowship 40 shirts x $6.00 each
Jasmine Cafe Fundraiser Catering Discount - 50% off
Loretta Katz travel bags
Kents Hill School sneakers and baseball caps
Melissa Koester crocs
Grace Kufoko
Benjamin H. Lilienthal Panasonic laptop computer (toughbook CFY4)
Denise and Steve Males a laptop computer
Virginia McGuire toiletries, clothing, shoes, baseball caps
Virginia McGuire Board meeting in Reston October 2008
Peg Metzger R/T airfare for Board Meeting in Maine Aug 2008
Bergen Nelson Airfare to S.A. for camp;March 2008 camp
Tia Pearse waterbottles, swimming trunks, bathing suits
Rafe Pomerance August 2008 airfare for Board mtg in Maine
Reston Community Center meeting space for Board Meeting 4/11/2008
Nancy Risman August 2008 Board meeting in Maine
Nancy Risman Board meeting in Reston Oct 2008
Allesandro Santoro 13 pairs of sneakers
Ann and Ronald Scott r/t airfare to board meeting and fundraiser
Ann and Ronald Scott airfare for Board meeting in Reston Oct 2008
Ann and Ronald Scott Board meeting in Maine 2008
Pat and Bob Silverman 21 pairs of sneakers
Sterne Kessler Goldstein Fox 88 soccer shirts, 2 athelitic shoes, 15 pencils, 1 packet of art supplies, 2 piece padding and 1 bag
The Camp Spot hats
Beverly and Chuck Veatch $320 per month on storage space
Westex Company 4 large bottles of sunscreen at at $15.00 each
Jean White Nelson Mandela tickets $295.24
Kohann Whitney r/t airfare to Board meeting in ME on 8/18/08
Erica Wilson tolitries
Erica Wilson various toiletries, art supplies and hats
Volunteer Counselors
Becky and Marc Altman
Anthony Barreirra
Orla Carley
Ross Coleman
Jeff Daly
Denise M. Donadio
Matthew C. Everett
Katherine Foecking
Pamela Hall
Grace Kufoko
Philip Lilienthal
Bergen Nelson
Alexa Popcheff
Tala Qashu
Daniel Weir
Pat Barnett Erin Bennett Carol Bradley Sally Buggs Doug McNair Regan McNair Kim Nelson Cathy Spahr Hannah Uman

And a Special Thanks to the following Board members for technical assistance:

Tony Asch Steve Gold Ron Scott