2007 Donors

$50,000.00 and up
Claude Moore Charitable Foundation
Special thanks to the following for 2007 fundraising efforts that raised a total of over $40,000.00
April and Jim Benson Tommy Kennedy – Kicks4Camps
Nancy and David Braun Sheldon Kupper
Board of Directors Virginia and Scott McGuire
Michael Cheiken – Bar Mitzvah Tributes Daniel Meyers – Bar Mitzvah Tributes
Becca Floyd Regie , Jeffrey, and Jonathan Roth
Shawn and John Intorcio Jennifer and Ryan Whitney
$25,000 and up
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Jason Grosfeld
Jackson Foundation
Red Ribbon Foundation
$2,500.00 and up
Afia Foundation, Inc. Lori and Robert Neuman
Bernadette Agnew The Penick Family Fund
Camp Winnebago Lenore and Rafe Pomerance
Elizabeth and Sam Fox Joseph Ritchey
The David & Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation Karen Schwartz
David L. Klein, Jr. Foundation Sterne Kessler Goldstein Fox
Lynn Lilienthal Robbie Tanner
Stephanie and Mark Madoff Peggy and David Tanner
Edie Middleton Zenkel Foundation
$1,000.00 and up
Lawrence Ackman Susan Levine
Ellen Maland and Don Adams Jeffrey Lodermeier
Nancy Bard and Donald Baer Macquarie Bank Foundation
Norma Banziger Catherine and Walter Malinowski
Fran and Anthony Barnes The Rodney H. and Judy E. Margolis Foundation
Pam and Tim Barnes Claire Marx
April and Jim Benson Cornelius Marx
Sandra and David Berler Orla McDonagh
Linda and Fred Blaisdell Peg and Lou Metzger
Blue Star Camps Inc Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Nancy and Roger Brown Margaret and Robert Pastor
Camp Nashoba North Adrian M. & Doris K. Pearsall Family Foundation
Camp Ouareau Inc Julie and Bill Penick
Camp Southwoods David Ralston
Camp Tawingo Judith Garson and Steven Rappaport
Canadian Camping Association Adrienne and Will Ris
Adele and Rick Carter Nancy and Robbie Risman
Cleveland Dodge Foundation Regie and Jeffrey Roth
Pamela Klem and Tom Dubin Vicki and Jean-Andre Rougeot
Dale Dunlop David Sarner
Vicki Singh and Joe Francis Linda and Ken Schatz
GE Foundation Cheryl and Bob Simon
Ann Marie and Steve Gold Marjorie and Peter Smith
Michael Green Madelaine Haberman and Michael Sprung
Louis H. Gross Foundation Tom Sawyer Camps
Janet and Hunt Howell Anonymous
Hughie and Selma Black Foundation Washington Plaza Baptist Church
Shirley and Karl Ingebritsen Leslie and Daniel Werner
Anne and Rob Ivanhoe M. Patricia White
Jatoma Charitable Foundation, Inc. Jennifer and Ryan Whitney
Patty and Kevin Kennedy Kohann Whitney
Knisely Family Foundation Wisteria
Jamie and Harold Kotler Harris Wofford
Doreen and Steve Larson N.C. Wyeth
Sue and Robert Lebby Mary and Jeffrey Zients
$500.00 and up
Jonnet and Peter Abeles Meredith Kimbell
Jane, Tony and Andy Asch Bettina and Michael Klein
Roberta and Harold Barron Cary Koplin
Emily and Evan Bash Liliana and Valery Kostin
Susan and Steve Baskin Bartley Labiner
Lori and Richard Berke Igor Labuda
Natalie and Jack Blumenthal Mindy and Joel Lefkowitz
Cheryl and Ed Boudreau Arlene and John Lewis
Michael Brandwein Benjamin H. Lilienthal
Nancy and David Braun Philip Lilienthal
Scott Brody Cynthia Lloyd
Mindy and Thomas Brush Sherry Morse and John Maccabee
CFC Andrew Maguire
Camp Androscoggin Alexander McCall
Camp Vega for Girls Marlane Miller
Catalina Island Camp Phillip Powell
Leslie and Michael Cohen Kelly Lukins and Ken Propp
Mary Ellen Craig Roz and Stuart Rakoff
Candace Debnam Patty and Doug Reid
Peter and Lorraine Del Col Leone Risman
Lynda and Frank Dickerson Arlene and Chester Salomon
Barbara and Mike Ditzian Sari Horwitz and William Schultz
Lucy and David Eisenberg Ronald Scott
Renee and Jeff Epstein Mary and David Searles
Margaret and Samuel Flax Donna Shaffer
Judy and Brian Forst Andrew Simon
Barbara Fain & Jason Gilbert Del Spurlock
Global Camps Africa Club Ginny and Luis Villa
Walter Gold Sally and Scott Whipple
Frances Teng and David Goodwin Jean White
Barbara and Stanley Hirsch Laura Williams
Marcy Sandler and Jim Janover The Williams Companies, Inc.
Sarah and Tom Janover Diana Gandolfi and Dan Wolfson
Leslie Vermeersch and Graydon Joyner James C Wright JR
Adam Kassoff Nancy M. Yanofsky
Diana and Michael Katz Karen Hale and Kirby Yarbrough
Kents Hill School Jeffrey S. Zimman
$100.00 and up
Alina and Chuck Ackenbom Barbara C. Kehs
Pam and Bob Adams Gudrun and Charles Kerr
Lynne and Dan Alper Ann and Louis Kingsland
Ellen N. Alves Betsy Frauenthal and David Kirshner
Kristen J. Amundson Karen and Ivan Kline
Denise Hanna and William Anderson Susan and David Knight
Amy and Wyatt Andrews Sheri Kominsky
Jean Andrews Oliver Koppell
Ted Andrews Sheldon Kupper
Alex and Michael Anna Michelle and Aric Kupper
Marguerite and Joseph Annis Andrew Landis
Association Des Camps Du Quebec Owen Langbart
Nancy Meyer and Tom Atkins Tom Langman
Madeleine Bailey Barbara and Jerrold Langsner
Armand and Beverly Ball Family Foundation Phyllis Langton
Thomas Barilla Nancy and Cal Larson
Jonny Barnet Lynn Sara Lawrence
Rita and Robert Barnett Beth and Herbert Lazarus
Maria Barrera Anthony Leach
Betsy and Dan Barrett Nancy and Gregory Ledford
Peter Barylski Landscapes, Inc. Deborah Lesser
Joanne and David Bauer Faye and Harvey Levin
Cheryl Bayer Judith Katz & David Levine
Leni Klaimitz & Mitchell Berg Della Levy
Katherine and Chris Berman Angela Lewis
Jill and Robert Bernstein Cheryl and Michael Lexton
Melinda Bieber Barbara Lilienfield
Claire Bloch George Lukas
Craig Bloomgarden Stephen Lyle
Kirk Bloomgarden Marilyn and Jerry Lyle
Mary & John Bodkin Ann and Graham Mackenzie
Ted Bosworth Elizabeth Baer and Hank Maimin
Carol Bradley Denise and Steve Males
Bartley J. and Rachel G. Breinin Babs and Bob Mann
Nancy and Lanny Breuer Eveline and Michael Marquardt
Ellen Berkman & David Bryant Matthew McDowell
Michael Buccolo Bev McEntarfer
Jane and William Buchsbaum Virginia and Scott McGuire
Barbara and Kenneth Burgett Regan and Doug McNair
Ann Burlin Marion and Glenn Meader
Katherine Burlin Jean Meikle
Susan and Earle Burwell Sally, Steven and Sam Meisner
Meredity L. Buser-Kennedy Karen Meltzer
Laurel Graeber and Michael Buxbaum Mark Melvin
Susan and Robert Caine Martha and James Meyer
Craig E. Caldwell Abby Meyer
Jerry Carlile Eva Barczay and Stephen Miller
Bobbie and Monte Carmel Linn and Terry Mitchell
Claudia Chaille Robert Mittleman
Kim and Mark Cheiken Claire and Arnie Moses
Lenny Chorazy Rose and Henry Moskowitz Family Foundation
Amy and Brian Christaldi Barbara and David Mullaney
Emma Coles Donna B. Nadler
Lori and Mark Conley Rebecca Chaplan and David Nathan
Cork and Company Diane Naughton
John Coyne Ellen Nenner
Anna Crew Herbert Newman MD
Sharron and Steve Cristofar Patricia & Sanvil Newman
Lisa Dack Mary Newmann
Michelle De Cou-Landberg Maire Ni Ghiobalain
Claire and Albert DeLauro Mary and Katherine Nolan
Cathy and Josh Deutchman June and Mike Oliverson
Jeffrey Disciullo Frederick Peters
Laurie Bell and Geoff Dodson Jane and Ken Plum
Anne and Ed Donovan Barbara Pollock
Pat Donovan Maryann and Rodger Popkin
Ellyn and Tom Dooley Barbara Powell
Aaron Drake Gwynn Powell
Mona and Carleton Dukess E. John Prebis
Elizabeth Edelmann Linda and Richard Pulliam
Educ. Charitable Fdn. of LKO Gail and Joseph Reimer
Carol Eigenrauch Christine & Dickon Reppucci
Mrs Edward Eisenhart Carol Ridker
Stefany Gordon and Jethro Eisenstein Sarah Riley
Essam and Ahmad El-Dardiry Roberta Springer Designs
Michael Eppler Maria Rodriguez
Resa and David Eppler Patsy Rogers
Stephen Esker David Roll
Joan Shifrin and Michael Faber Janice and Victor Romley
Kathryn and John Fedigan Margie Rosen
Michael S. Feldberg-Ruth Lazarus Charitable Trust Joan and Nathan Rosenbaum
Deborah and Ron Fellman Sheri and Robert Rosenfeld
Jytte and Robert Fielder Andy Rougeot
Carol Ardman and Loren Fishman Zoe Rubin
John Floyd John Rust
Lynne and Gary Forester Laurie Sand
Nancy Frankel and Mary Atwell Sandy and Vince Scalco
Howard Freed Betsy and Budd Schulberg
Henry A. Freedman Frances Schur
Shawn Freeman Schwartz and Egger Family Fund
David Freund Bonnie Schwartz
Madeline Fried Martha & David Schwartz
Vicki and Richard Friedman Laura Dukess and Roger Schwed
Marjorie and Joel Friedman Judy Scorza
Rachel Glube and David Friedman Elizabeth and Davood Sedaghatfar
Krista and David Friedrich Gerard Senehi
Barbara Friend Kate Grant and Ed Setrakian
Constance Galley Christine and Fritz Seving
Margaret Gasnick Bernard Sewell
Georgetown Day School Susan Shapiro
Melanie Gerald Teresa Shaw
Carol and Merle Gile Clare Shea
Brenda and Christopher Giragosian Timothy Sheehy
Judi Kaufman and William Glaberson Holly and David Sherr
Susan and Jim Gobin Shoreshim
Barbara and Gerald Goldberg Linda and Jerome Singer
Sybil Goldman Marilyn Sinskie
Elleln Josem and Michael Goldsmith Ann and Patrick Slowey
Leila Gordon David Smith
Jill and Robert Gotoff Naomi and Jonathan Smulian
Grantworks Gail Spindell
Joan and Stanley Green Mildred Springer
Victoria Gilmore and Terry Greiss Marjorie and Paul Stanzler
Madelyn Spencer and Ross Griffith Melissa Sterns
Allan Gropper Robin Straus
Nancy and Carl Gropper Carol & Steve Sudduth
Brenda Gruss Sunset Hills Montessori PTA
HSBC Philanthropic Programs M. H. Swanson
Katharine Hall Mary Szpanka
Eileen and Sam Harahan Eric Tanner
Shawn and Keith Harrison Mark Tanner
Pam Heller and Erik Hartog Eileen & Jack Tarr
Mary Jane and Richard Hayden Carolyn Tate
Victoria Healy Susan Peppercorn and Garath Taube
Sally and Elliot Heller Josh and Lisa Taylor
Kimberly Henry Kathleen and Michael Tharp
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Jane and Ben Timian
Janet and Mark Hershey Tom Trask
Gwenn Scheuer and William Herz Traci and Ted Truman
Sharmini Coorey and John Hicklin UnumProvident Corporation
Susan Hine Jo B. Vaught
Lysa Hoelscher Beverly and Chuck Veatch
Allan Hoffman Veriditas LLC
Kelly and Paul Holden Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg
Jane Humpstone George Vollmuth
Farah Jimenez and David Hyman Channie Waites
IGive.com Earline Jewett Wakefield
Donna and Marcel Infeld Lois Wallace
Shawn and John Intorcio Laura and Quentin Walz
Janet and David Jandrositz Linda and Kenneth Wasserman
Marcia Jawitz Barbara Weinreich
Susan Johnston Don Whipple
Suzi Jones Carrie White
Florence Josem Frances and Richard Winneg
Justgive.org Gail Winston
Edwin Kaegi Kathleen Wiseman
Joan Kasprowicz Nadine and Warner Young
Laura and Ken Kaufman Z-Systems, Inc.
Sue and Bob Kaufman Linda & Mick Zenick
Michael Kehs Esther and Stanley Zimmerman
Every Bit Counts
Jill and Michael Abel Ashante Kirby
Menda Ahart Jeanne Klinge
Melissa Allen Denise Kraft
Tamar Todd and Ty Alper Marsha and Hugh Kramer
Maxima and Ferdinand Angeles Howard Kramer
Tina Applin Yun Sook and Clyde Kunst
Celena and Paul April Judith Kupermann
Nancy Atwood Marsha Kwalwasser
Val and Jerry August Helen Latten
Elizabeth and Joseph Augustus Susan Launer
Sally and Stanley Bagan Curtis Long
Michelle and Matthew Bagan Miriam Lucero
Valerie Bartol Ann Mandelbaum
Peter Bassett Jeannine and Steve Marks
Robert Beck Evelyn and Bennett McCormick
Connie and Steven Berger Susan and Robert Meagher
Ilene Silver and Larry Berman Melaleuca
Susan and Thomas Berry Robin and Brian Mendelson
Angela Billingsley Maricha Miles
Dee Bistrong Patricia Milone
Emily and Donald Bloom Lizan Mitchell
Ellen and Peter Bodenheimer Sarita Moffat
Edith Boehm Luanne and Jeffrey Monday
Margaret Boehmer Pamela and Frederick Morgan
Jean and Bruce Boston MaryAnn and Paul Moyer
Kirsten and Michael Brooks Marion Myers
Gina and Todd Brosius Alice and John Nazzaro
Barbara and Grady Carlson Patricia Neuman
Diane L Carroad Lori Nilsen
Cordelia and George Castillo Wilma Nye
Ann and Richard Chamberlain Dr. Sarah Jane O'Shea
Change Round-Up Melissa Osborn
Stanley Cheiken Jennifer Parker
Jacquelilne and Allan Cheiken Snowdon Parlette
Karen and Michael Chinitz Joe Perez
Janet and Roger Cohen Marion Potter
Alice and Robert Cooper Mary Jean and Kurt Pronske
Kia Corthron Lilly Ralfs
Lisa Covert Heather Rea
Suki and Daniel Crowley Karen Richardson
Julie and David Cutter Elizabeth Riley
Suzanne Darden Dylan Ris
Debbie Dasilva-Mas Gail Roberts
Laurie Davis Dave Roberts
Nancy Davis Ann Rodriguez
Diana De Brito Pamela Karasik and David Rubashkin
Carol and Joseph Desmond Susan and Miles Rubin
Diane and Edward Devens Lisbeth and George Ruderman
Steven Dingfelder Lynn and Steven Ruiz
Kathleen and Thomas Donnelly Gail L. Ryan
Harriet and William Dorosin Norma Salas
Sidney and Mervil Dorr Michael Salzman
Mary Douglas Teresa Sariol
Stephen Endlar Gloria Saunders
Scott Eustice Barbara Schadt
William Farrell Victoria and Craig Jay Schlichting
Ann Faxon Debra Schlossberg
Fick Visual Communications Anne Scorza
Joanne and Gary Field Caroline Scorza
Becca Floyd Bob Secundy
Jenifer Floyd Mary and Leslie Shaw
Joan Lister and Steven Fogel Gertrude and Everett Sherman
Caro Fowler Deidre and T.R. Shymanski
Mary and Hans Frandsen Sharon Skipton
Freddie Mac Foundation James Slaughter
Kenneth Fredgren Marti Schweitzer and Richard Smith
Ruth Friedman Donna and Richard Solomon
Mary Beth Gaeta Eleanore C. Speert
Pnina Goldberg St. Mary's Episcopal Church
Alison Graham Lindsay C Standish
Ellen Graves Mary Steen
Tim Gray Deborah and Richard Stern
Cherie M Grundy Kathleen Summers
Danaida and Glenn Guzzo Debra and Jason Sussman
Linda and Daniel Haller Johanna Swartley
Linda and Philip Hargesheimer Michelle and Christopher Tasker
Health Charities Deborah and Peter Tesler
Mary Henderson Anne Thomas
Jenifer Henry Kathleen and Sean Thompsen
Kristen and Matthew Hill Marion Tucker
Robert G. and Margo Hirsch Lynn Turner
Joan Ignacio Vardy Orthodontics
Sue Ann and John Irving Kimberly and Sam Vinnick
Rhonda Jackson Helene and Leonard Vinnick
Jaffin, Conrad & Finkelstein Ivan Vinnick
William Janover Linda Volckmann
Allan Joseph Stephanie Volz
Linda Joseph John Ward
Cathy Joseph Vicky and Mike Wason
Ruby Joyce Hilary Meyers and Henry Weinerman
Marcy and Paul Kadin B. and L. Weinzimer
Lyn and Seth Kaller Lois Weixel
Susan Kane Philip Wellde
Judith and Stuart Katzman Philippa and Philip Wharton
Laurie Ke-Hooks Diann Willis
Amy and Brad Kearse Vivien M. and David K. Witheford
Sheila Keenan Susan Witz
Karen and John Kelly Diane and Lawrence Wyte
Maryanne and Kynoch Kendall Carla Yock
Barbara King Sally and Anders Zeijlon
Gifts In Kind
Bernadette Agnew Airfare for two camps
Tony Asch Airfare, Meals, Lodging for Board Meeting, Website, Display booth
Jonny Barnet Bathing suits
April Benson Catering, printing, postage
Phyllis Berger Games, art supplies, athletic shoes, toiletries
Sandra and David Berler Airfare for camp (2)
Carol Bradley Art supplies
Candace Debnam Airfare for camp
Digital Color Graphics Printing
Erin Fisher Airfare for camp
Judy Forst Airfare for camp
Vicki Singh and Joe Francis Athletic shoes
Nancy Frankel and Mary Atwell Athletic shoes, clothing
Friends School, New York Baseball supplies
Steve Glaberson Athletic shoes
Steve Gold Airfare, meals, lodging for Board Meetings
Genevieve Greeley Airfare for camp, art supplies, toiletries
Julia Haftel Baseball caps, games, toiletries
Kimberly Henry Airfare for camp
Hillside Camp Baseball caps, toiletries
Suzi Jones Professional Services - Strategic Planning
Leslie Vermeersch and Graydon Joyner Airfare for camp
Kathleen Cassino Tshirts, baseball caps
Keewaydin Foundation Athletic shoes
Kents Hill School Baseball caps, athletic shoes, toiletries
Caleb Kirshner School project - hats sent directly to Camp Sizanani
Sheldon Kupper Airfare for two camps, professional dental services
Owen Langbart Airfare for camp
Laura Blaisdell and Andy Lilienthal Airfare for camp (2)
Lynn Lilienthal Airfare for camp
Major League Baseball Official Major League Baseball clothing & caps
Orla McDonagh Airfare for camp
Bev McEntarfer Airfare for camp
Noelle Meeke Airfare for camp
Peg Metzger Airfare to Board Meeting
Daphna Mor Airfare for camp
Mother Bear Project 99 bears
Abbie Newman Athletic shoes, clothing
Maire Ni Ghiobalain Airfare for camp
Mike Pearse Airfare for camp
Tia Pearse Airfare for camp
Plaugher Toiletries
Nancy Risman Airfare to Board Meeting
Diane and James Rosenthal Brochure printing
Santuro 141 pairs athletic shoes, 215 caps
Leslie Scheuler Professional Services - M&E Study
Karen Schwartz Airfare for camp
Ronald Scott Airfare for Board Meeting
Elizabeth and Davood Sedaghatfar Athletic shoes
Selene Smerling Athletic shoes, sandals, baseball caps & clothing
Swatch Group USA Markers and crayons
Robbie Tanner Baseball caps, athletic shoes, clothing
Temple Beth Avodah Tote bags with toiletries, craft supplies
Beverly and Chuck Veatch Mini storage units
Channie Waites Airfare to camp
Westex Company Mattress covers
Jean White Airfares to board meetings & fundraisers, office supplies
Kohann Whitney Airfare for Board Meetings, food and supplies for fundraisers
2007 Counselors
Bernadette Agnew Lynn Lilienthal
Sandra and David Berler Orla McDonagh
Candace Debnam Bev McEntarfer
Erin Fisher Noelle Meeke
Judy Forst Daphna Mor
Genevieve Greeley Maire Ni Ghiobalain
Kimberly Henry Mike Pearse
Leslie Vermeersch and Graydon Joyner Tia Pearse
Angie Kim Leslie Scheuler
Sheldon Kupper Karen Schwartz
Owen Langbart Channie Waites
Laura Blaisdell and Andy Lilienthal Jean White