Sizanani Award Winners

Sizanani means 'to help each other' in Zulu.  This award represents the heart of Global Camps Africa and recognizes the extraordinary work done by its recipient in the fight to empower children in the global battle with HIV/AIDS.  We give this award to those who have placed the needs of youth worldwide above themselves and have taken meaningful and significant efforts to empower vulnerable children.

Pamela W. Barnes, 2015

Pamela W. Barnes, 2015

Peter Yarrow, 2017

Peter Yarrow, 2017

International Volunteers, 2016

International Volunteers, 2016

Dr. Alan Greenberg, 2018

Dr. Alan Greenberg, 2018


Afia Foundation
The Camp Spot
Flaghouse, Inc.
Grosfeld Foundation
Hirschorn Foundation
Jackson Foundation
MAC AIDS Foundation
Red Ribbon Foundation
Solomn Family Foundation
Westex Supplies

Bowman Gilfillan
The Buschelman Trust
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Gupta Family Foundation
Camp Winnebago
Cleveland Dodge Foundation
Gloria F. Ross Foundation
Good Printers

JJ Segal Foundation
Louis H. Gross Foundation
The M.A.C.H.O. Foundation
PepsiCo Foundation
Segal Family Foundation
S&L Marx Foundation
Skier Foundation
The Timber Lake Foundation
TLC Starfish Foundation
Wells Fargo

Ubuntu Community Members

Donors Giving $1,000+ in the Current Year

Lynn and Phil Lilienthal
Sarah Lindop
Cynthia Llyod
Jeffrey Lodermeier
Julie Martin
Claire and Cornelius Marx
Jennifer and Caroline Mayer
Amanda and Nate McGovern
Peg and Lou Metzger
David and Allison Miller
Audrey and Steve Monke
Bonnie Porta and Bobby Monks
Scott and Sally Whipple
Becky Chaplan and David Nathan
Lori Brady and Bob Newman
Howard and Maryam Newman
Marc Palumbo
Laurie and David Pauker
Bernie Paul
Julie and Bill Penick
Nancy and John Pielemeier
Theodore Pincus
Lenore and Rafe Pomerance
Candy and Rodger Popkin
Mary Jean Potenzone
Betty and Phil Powell
Kelly Lukins and Ken Propp
Nancy Dorn and Will Ris
Nancy Risman
Elizabeth Salett
Eveleen and Eric Sass
Ann and Ron Scott
Keith Scruggs
Judy Segal
Pat and Bob Silverman
Marjorie Smith
Robert Steinbaum
Elliot Steinbaum
Joanna and Peter Strauss
Peggy and David Tanner
Karyn Trader-Leigh
Michelle Tripp
Robert Trostle
Elna and Hennie Van Greuning
Louise and Henrik Vanderlip
Leslie Maitland and Dan Werner
Glenn Westley
Susan and Matthew Wiggins
N. Convers Wyeth

Stephanie and Ed Abbott
Jonnet and Peter Abeles
Ellen Maland and Donald B. Adams
Pam and Tim Barnes
Emily and Evan Bash
Susie and Steve Baskin
April and Jim Benson
Helena and Peter Bienstock
Linda and Fred Blaisdell
Regina and Bill Bouie
Rachel, Bart and Caroline Breinin
Erica J. Brouillette
Nancy and Roger Brown
Caroline Watson and Jack Byrd
Maribeth Carroll
Laurie Corkey
Steve and Sharron Cristofar
Emily and Brian Crowder
Scott Crowder
Patricia Donovan
Claudia and Peter Donovan
Susan and Dale Dunlop
Helen and Ronald Dunn
Kathleen and Tom Finn
Meira and Tom Fleisch
Judy and Brian Forst
Liz and Sam Fox
Leslye and Darryl Fraser
Madeline Fried
Sandy and George Garfunkel
Anne Marie and Steve Gold
Bonne and Bob Haunkess
Kris and Kathy Heinzelman
Audrey Dursht and Sandy Herzfeld
Kristen and Matt Hill
Peter Hirsch
Janet and Hunt Howell
Anne and Rob Ivanhoe
Sandy and Carl Jaffee
Richard Kay
Feliza and James Kepler
Gudrun Rice and Charlie Kerr
Carol, Steven and Josh Kirson
Elizabeth and Dennis Kneier
Cary and Sharon Koplin
Shel Kupper
Doreen and Steve Larson
Sue and Robert Lebby
Mindy and Stephen LeBeau
Roberta Hollander and Joseph Lengermann
Susan Levine

Youth Giving Projects

Asch, Andy
Baer, Adam
Barnet, Jonny
Bloom, Tim
Breinin, Caroline
Buxbaum, Matthew
Cheiken, Michael
Deutchman, Ella
Deutchman, Maya
Eppler, Alex
Eppler, Michael
Feldman, Ben
Gilbert, Jacob
Gilbert, Nate
Gosling, Ellie
Haas, Tessa
Hartman, Seth
Hartman, Will

Janover, William
Kallenbach, Jonah
Kaplan, Matthew
Kelleher, Robin and Brian
Kennedy, Tommy
Kirshner, Ben
Kirshner, Caleb
Kirson, Jason
Kirson, Josh
Klein, Josh
Loevy, Danny
Loevy, Joshua
Markell, Ben
Mayer, Caroline
Meisner, Sam
Metzger, Sam
Meyer, Daniel

Reichblum, Noah
Risman, Tucker
Robins, Hannah
Roth, Jonathan
Schiller, Sam
Schiller, Will
Seidman, Nicki
Shulimson, Sam
Silverman, Bennett
Stok, Melissa
Strait, Ben
Weiss, Ben
Weiss, Jacob
Weiss, Zach
Wladis, Harrison
Zwetchkenbaum, Abby


Berkshire Soccer Academy for Girls
Camp Champions
Camp IHC
Camp Laurel
Camp Laurel South
Camp Starlight
Camp Weequahic
Coleman Country Day Camp
Lake Bryn Mawr Camp
Timber Lake Camp
Timber Lake West
Trail's End Camp
Tyler Hill Camp

Camp Androscoggin
Camp Chipinaw
Camp Echo Lake
Camp Equinunk and Blue Ridge
Camp Micah
Camp Nock-A-Mixon
Camp Saginaw
Camp Taconic
Camp Walden - NY
Camp Wayne for Boys
Camp Westmont
Pine Forest Camp

Bridgton Sports Camp
Camp Lenox
Camp Lokanda
Camp Mataponi
Camp Romaca
Camp Takajo
Camp Towanda
Camp Wayne Girls
Camp Wekeela
Tripp Lake Camp

A. M. Skier (Gold)
CCUSA (Gold)
H&H Purchasing (Gold)
IENA (Gold)
CampGroup (Silver)
CampMinder (Silver)
Camp Leaders ( Silver)
Driscoll Foods (Silver)
The Dime Bank (Silver)
Amerasport, Inc. (Bronze)
CampMeds (Bronze)