2010 Donors

Our Heartfelt Thanks go our Donors of 2010

$25,000 and up

Laren and Jesse Brill
Claude Moore Charitable Foundation
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Philip Lilienthal

$10,000 and up

Jason Grosfeld
The Timber Lake Foundation
Dave Ungerer

$5,000 and up

Bank of America
Jennifer Bowker
Barbara and Mike Freeman
Diane G. Gregg
Nancy and James Grosfeld Foundation
The David & Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation
Janet and Hunt Howell
Jeffrey T. Lodermeier
New York City Fundraiser/Matt Hill
Sheila and Lawrence Pakula MD
Dwight Poler
Red Ribbon Foundation
Nancy Risman

$2,500 and up

Donna and Michael Brandwein
Cleveland Dodge Foundation
Susan and Dale Dunlop
Elizabeth and Sam Fox
The Kremer Foundation
Julie and Bill Penick
Ross Richardson
Nancy P. Dorn and Will K. Ris
S&L Marx Foundation
Karen Schwartz
Scott and Sally Whipple

$1,000 and up

Ellen Maland and Don Adams
Pam and Bob Adams
Amherst College
Rebecca Amy
Jane and Tony Asch
Ted and Renee Austell
Pam and Tim Barnes
Carol Bradley
Nancy and Roger Brown
Camp Tawingo
Maribeth Carroll
DJP Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Douglas Foundation International
Lucy and David Eisenberg
Jil and Britt Feldhausen
Hilda and David Fin
Deborah Fins and Donald Strait
Nick Foster
Gold Arrow Camp
Hughie and Selma Black Foundation
Anne and Rob Ivanhoe
Sandra and Carl Jaffee
Suzi and Jim Jones
Carol and Josh Kirson
June and Clifford Labbett
Mary Sally and Burgess Levin
Susan Levine
Cynthia B. Lloyd
Sally & Tony Mann
Vincent R. Marchica
Jessica Tuchman Mathews
Peg and Lou Metzger
Edith Middleton
Margaret and Robert Pastor
Carol and Richard Paul
Trish and Brad Piatt
Doug Pierce
Martha Pinto
Betty and Phillip Powell
David Ralston
Eveleen and Eric Sass
Ann and Ronald Scott
Judy Orin Segal
Marjorie and Peter Smith
Peter J. Solomon Family Foundation
Shepherd's Spring, Inc.
Madelaine Haberman and Michael Sprung
Mary Szpanka
The Skier Foundation
Kohann and Ed Williams
Winebaum Family Charitable Trust
N.Convers Wyeth
Mary and Jeffrey Zients

$500 and up

Stephanie and Edward Abbott
Lawrence Ackman
Janice and Larry Alamillo
Blair Allison
Martha Ambros
Ted Andrews
Heidi Hellring & Nate Arnell
Monica and Eric Axelrode
Nancy Bard and Donald Baer
Norma and Hans Banziger
Fran and Anthony Barnes
Nancy Barnes and Claire Potter
Kelsey Barrett
Emily and Evan Bash
Joanne and David Bauer
Kathy/Robert Ann/Russell Beck
Jill and Robert Bernstein
Linda and Fred Blaisdell
John Bodkin
Rachel G. and Bartley J. Breinin
Marie and George Burnett
Cheryl and Craig E. Caldwell
Camp Androscoggin
Camp Northstar for Boys
Jeri Jaeger Casden and Andrew M. Casden
Brie Childers
Leslie and Michael Cohen
Coleman Country Day Camp
Brittany Corn
Susanne and Thomas Croley
Charles M. Davis
Lynda and Frank Dickerson
Pamela Klem and Tom Dubin
Helen and Ronald Dunn
Resa and David Eppler
Eric Feder
First Congregational Church
Judy and Brian Forst
Berit and Thomas Gamsky
Barbara Fain & Jason Gilbert
Ann Marie and Steve Gold
Laura Williams and Daniel Goldstein
Leila and Robert Gordon
Dan Gordon
Ellen and Bob Gutenstein
Ellen Cohen and Dan Haber
Meagan and Craig Hagglund
Bonnie and Robert Haukness
Sally and Mike Horner
Shirley and Karl Ingebritsen
Patsy and Martin Jansons
Susan Holyoke Johnston
Amelia Kass
Diana and Michael Katz
Kents Hill School National Honor Society
Gudrun and Charles Kerr
Eileen, Peter and Jacob Koffler
Liliana and Valery Kostin
Sheldon Kupper
Doreen and Steve Larson
Jeff Lee
Marjorie and Richard Lewis
Benjamin H. Lilienthal
LM Restaurant Group, LLC
Danny Loevy
Dana and David Marron
Claire and Cornelius Marx
Virginia McGuire
Jean Meikle
Bryan Michelsen
Susan Milby and Jon Cimperman
Joel Millikin
Megan Minich
Sara and Alexander Mooradian
Lori and Robert Neuman
Pamet Capital Management
Gwynn Powell
Kelly Lukins and Ken Propp
Elizabeth and Peter Rack
David R. Rippey
Paco Francisco Rodriguez
Vicki and Jean-Andre Rougeot
Julie and Andrew Russell
Arlene and Chester Salomon
Barbara and Paul Schwarz
Michael Sebree
John Simmons
Irene and David Smith
Marjorie and Paul Stanzler
The Isenberg Family Charitable Trust
Kathleen and Michael Tiberio
Farrel and Robert Vance
Don Whipple
The Williams Companies, Inc.

$250 and up

Jonnet and Peter Abeles
Beverly and Armand Ball
Lauren and Michael Becker
Phyllis and Alan Berger
Katherine and Chris Berman
Dorli Bokel
Scott Brody
Susan and Earle Burwell
Adele and Rick Carter
Amy and Brian Christaldi
Katharine Harrison Cochran
Tom Conrad
Laurie Corkey
Sharron and Steve Cristofar
Cathy and Josh Deutchman
Denise M. Donadio
Janet and William Drury
Andrew Faye
Ben Feldman
Kathleen and Tom Finn
Allison Fitzpatrick
Laura Floerree
Cheryl and Richard Freeman
Madeline Fried
Lesley Sau Kuen Fung
Margaret Gasnick
Sharon Goldstein
Frances Teng and David Goodwin
Caren and Dick Gorenberg
Linnea Hamer
Siksha Hargoon
Janet and Mark Hershey
Susan Hine
Barbara and Stanley Hirsch
Christy Elizabeth Hood
HSBC Philanthropic Programs
Sarah and Tom Janover
Charlotte Johnson
Natalie Kaniel and Michael Dovbish
Elizabeth and Morris Kellogg
Patty and Kevin Kennedy
Meredith Kimbell
Caleb and Ben Kirshner
Leni Klaimitz and Mitchell Berg
Seth Krubiner
Igor Labuda
Nancy and Cal Larson
Luc C. Leestemaker
Sandy Leiser
Judith Katz & David Levine
Cole Mackay
Melinda and David Malin
Stacie and Todd Malkus
Babs and Bob Mann
William McFadden
Marion and Glenn S. Meader
Mountain Camp
Rebecca Chaplan and David Nathan
Barbara and Dermot O'Reilly
Colleen and Mark Pleis
Joyce and Ronald Rabens
Roz and Stuart Rakoff
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Utah
Karen and Mark Robinson
Rye Country Day School
Linda and Ken Schatz
Martha & David Schwartz
Mary and David Searles
Julie Sgangarella
Cheryl Terio and Bob Simon
Linda A. Singer
Edward William Smethurst
Nancy Stone
Lauren Traviesa
Tracy and Ted Truman
Lois Wallace
Emily and Stephen Ward
Washington Plaza Baptist Church
Caroline T. Watson
Stefanie Weinstein
Stefanie Weinstein
Larry and Helene Wolk

$100 and up

Susan Kenyon and Richard Abrams
Alina and Chuck Ackenbom
Bunk1.com Ackercamps
Pamela and Tom Adler
Maryetta Andrews-Sachs
Scott Asher
Adam Baranker
Thomas Barilla
Betsy and Dan Barrett
Susan and Steve Baskin
Peter Bassett
Timothy Beacom
Michael Becker
Sandy Beladino
Sandra and David Berler
Judith Bernardi
Heather Petersen Berry
Kirk S. Bloomgarden
Regina and Bill Bouie
Patrice Bouteiller
Jeff Brodsky
Randi and David Brooks
Kathryn Bunting
Katherine Burlin
Kevin M Byrnes
Elizabeth H. Callard
Camp Caribou For Boys
Bobbie and Monte Carmel
Mary and Richard Casden
Joanne Ceriello
Claudia Chaille
Donald S. Cheley
Jo Ann and Richard Chew
Rohit Chopra
Phyllis and Lenny Chorazy
Maxine Creanza and Peter Cory
Beverly and Ralph Cosham
Lisa Covert
Mary Ellen Craig
Mary Lockwood Crouch
Michael Curtin
Lisa Dack
Debra and Jose Dacosta
Esther Daniels
Michelle and Erik De Cou-Landberg
Rachelle A. Diamond
Patricia Donovan
Ellyn Dooley
Educators, Then, Now and Forever
Laura Edwards
Laura Edwards
Joe Enrico
Renee and Jeff Epstein
Carol Even
Barbara and Henry Felt
Rhoda Fidler
Margaret and Samuel Flax
Joseph Fleig
Ellen Flight
Lynne and Gary Forester
Michael Forgit
Nancy Frankel
Joanne Franzel
Helen and Henry A. Freedman
David Friedman
Krista and David Friedrich
Nia Georges and Bob Etnyre
Susann Gerstein
Carol and Merle Gile
Alan and Gayle Glass
Sybil Goldman
G.L. Goldman
Dorothy Gough
Ann M. Granger
Victoria Gilmore and Terry Greiss
Tracie Grella
Madelyn Ross and Spencer Griffith
Jon Groetzinger
Allan Gropper
Nancy and Carl Gropper
Thomas Grubisich
Linda and Philip Hargesheimer
Michele Hargrove
Seth Dylan Hartman
Sarah L Haynes
Roseanne Blake and Michael Heap
Sally and Elliot Heller
Barbara Nichols and Harold Henry
Marah Lyvers and Kenneth Hill
Susan and Edward Hoffer
Yvonne and Allan Hoffman
Beth and Paul Hoffman
Ramona Holmes
Chuck Hornbrook
Catherine and Willie Hudgins
Chad S. Hummel
Donna and Marcel Infeld
Marcy Sandler and James Janover
Jean Gold and Kenneth Kaplan
Matthew Karimipouia
Sue and Bob Kaufman
Peter S. Kaufman
Laura and Ken Kaufman
Jim Kaufman
Eric B. Kayne
Julia D. Keane
Linda Kemp
Dan Korn
James Kresberg
Ronald Kulik
Carol and Scott Labbett
Karen and Kent Labbett
Tom Langman
Tony Lembeck
Barbara Lilienfield
Bonnie and Carrol Lock
Frances and John Lovaas
Anita and Roger Lowen
Kelsey Lowitz
Kelsey Lowitz
Barbara Gervis Lubran
George Lukas
Marilyn and Jerry Lyle
Elizabeth Baer and Hank Maimin
Susan and Jay S. Markowitz
Emily and John McDermott
Elizabeth McKinney
Jeanette and Barry McLellan
Regan and Doug McNair
Medical Education Collaborative
Sally and Steven Meisner
Jill and Richard Meyer
Eva Barczay and Stephen Miller
Judith and Edwin Mills
Linn and Terry Mitchell
Daphna Mor
Janet Morrison and Jeffery Kern
Barbara and David Mullaney
Network For Good
Janet A. New
Patricia & Sanvil Newman
Herbert Newman MD
John Newmann
Patty and Bill Nicoson
Northrop Grumman
Oakcrest School, Inc.
Patricia and Patrick O'Connor
Christine C. O'Day
Maryam Ovissi
Donna and James Papageorge
Megan Parrill
Jane and Ken Plum
Ethan Podell
Cyndy and Jack Porter
Mary Jean and Kurt Pronske
Linda and Richard Pulliam
Catherine Quinn
Terrence Ratigan
Jan and Lee Rau
Gail and Joseph Reimer
Patsy Rogers
David Roll
Janice and Victor Romley
Regie and Jeffrey Roth
Linda and Fernando Roth
Andy Rougeot
Lisa Scalzo
Gary Schanzer
Virginia Egger and Andre Schwartz
Elizabeth and Davood Sedaghatfar
Harriet and Robert Selverstone
Clare Shea
David Sheehy
Kristin Slauson
Susie Strode
Laurene Swaney
Robert A. Talbot
Pat and Ron Taylor
Angela Tomey
Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg
Jeff Wallace
Robert Webb
Leslie and Daniel Werner
Betsy Werthan and Ben Schwartz
Karen C. Westrich
Jean White
Roxane White and Denis Murstein
Victoria and Vernon Wingert
Frances and Richard Winneg
Jane Winslow
David Wolff
Meredith Woodruff
Betty Lee Wright and Elizabeth Stillman
Nancy M. and Saul Yanofsky
Josh Zaretsky
Linda & Mick Zenick
Marla and Philip Zipin

To Those Who Donated

Karen and Kent Allen
Daniel Allen
Carolyn L. Almer
Stephanie Andriole
Richard Aronson
Patricia M. Asch
Valasie and Jerry August
Madeleine Bailey
Joshua Balik-Klein
Mark J. Baron
Teri Jade Baumbaugh
Harriet and John Bigelow
Audrey W. Bloch
Dolores Boylston Bohen
Jean and Bruce Boston
Johanna and Thomas Brady
Melissa Brennan
Kathryn Brue
Michael Buchenberger
Jane and William Buchsbaum
Susan and Robert Caine
Susan Callari
Catharine Campbell
Heather L Cano
Diane L Carroad
Courtney Carter
Peter Castle
Ann and Richard Chamberlain
Change Round-Up
Lisa and Eddie Climo
Alice and Robert Cooper
Anna Crew
Gail Croke
Judy and Thomas Crosby
Suki and Daniel Crowley
Stefanie Cutler
Nancy Davis
Laurie Davis
Charles Dell
Jackie Durham
Patti Dweck
Victor Vinicio Dy
Melissa Ebrahimnejad
Carol Eigenrauch
James Elder
Alan Epstein
L. Gillespie Erskine, Jr.
Joanne and Gary Field
Erin Fisher
Joan Lister and Steven Fogel
Sarah Forster
Robyn and Andrew Frank
Ryan French
Sandi and Michael H. Friedman
Marjorie and Joel Friedman
Aner Fust
Damarys Geronimo
Maureen and Andrew Gilbert
Florence and Peter Golden
Sharon Goldstein
Ellen Graves
Tim Gray
Linda Green
Louis Raisler Greer
Katherine Elise Griffith
Judith Gruner
Eileen and Sam Harahan
David Henkoff
Hylan Thomas Hubbard
Meredith Jannsen
Ellen Jewett
Erik Johnson
Marcy and Paul Kadin
Jeanne Klinge
Oliver Koppell
Marsha Endahz and Hugh Kramer
Sandra Laeser
David Lahm
Brigitte Lange
Laura Joyce Lepre
Rebecca Lesser
Sarah Johannah Lesser
Margaret M. Londa
Carolyn Love
Marsha and Joseph Lyvers
Karen and Daniel Maguire
Ann Mandelbaum
Gemma M Mangione
Claire S. Martin
Ren C. McDermott
Beverly A. McEntarfer
Claire Moses
Joseph Moss
Marion Cannon Myers
Abbie H Newman
Freda and Darryl Nunn
Nancy O'Connor
Arlene H. Olkin
Deanna J. Palmer
Linda and Glenn Palsky
Rhonda M. Parks
Laura Paterson
Mary Beth Patten
Erica Phillips
Eileen and Jeremiah Quinlan
Marco Rando
Anahita Razavi
Patricia Read
Janet and Alan Rems
Judith Rhedin
Karen Richardson
Ed Robichaud
Geri Rybacki
Betty Salzer
Teresa Sariol
Seth Schein
Pat Scott
Gertrude Sherman
Anne Marina Shultz
Pat and Bob Silverman
Marilyn Sinskie
Mary Newmann & Ted Smith
Marty Smith
Benjamin Smith
Shawn Smith
Marti Schweitzer and Richard Smith
Jodi and Leslie Sohl
Cathy Spear
Shoshana Spiegel and Ted Stewart
Patricia Stanton
William a. Stoever
Robin Straus
Frederick Strobel
Tracy Lynne Stroh
Carol & Steve Sudduth
Judith Swedek
Jane and Bill Taubman
Stephen Teller
Anne W. Thomas
Carol and Laura Thomas
Alexis Ventre
Catherine Vivona
Mary L. Wiener
Diana Yarmovich

2010 Gifts in Kind Donations

American Camp Association Name Badge Holders
Rebecca Amy Airfare for December Camp
Tony Asch Speaker phone for conference calls
Renee Austell Airfare for 2 for March 2010 Camp
Regina Bouie Expenses for the Board meeting
Charles Butler Toiletries
Camp Tawingo Toothpaste
Maribeth Carroll Airfare for March 2010 Camp
Anne and Tim Cohler Toiletries
Digital Color Graphics Discount on Business cards for GCA staff, Pledge Cards, Discount for mass mailings
Michael Fechter 5 professional baseballs
Linda Fuller donated flowers and other supplies for 2010 Reston Fundraiser
Lesley Sau Kuen Fung Airfare for March 2010 Camp
Cori Glass Name badge holders
Gamma Sigma Sigma - McDoniel College Various games and other misc. items
Peg Metzger Airfare and car rental for Board meeting
Jeanette Osterweil Airfare for December Camp
Martha Pinto Airfare for March 2010 Camp
Paco Rodriguez Airfare for March 2010 Camp
Gabrielle Raill Airfare for April Training
Reston Community Center Meeting Space
Nancy Risman Travel expenses for Board meeting
The Samwick Family Sneakers
Ronald Scott Travel expenses for Board meeting
Shepherd's Spring Camp Tie dye shirts, water color paints and bars of soap
Total Wine and More Donated gift cards for the Reston Fundraiser 4/21/2010
Jean White color printer for office
Kohann Williams Board related expenses
Lisa Wilson Airfare for March 2010 Camp
Bronwyn Wilson Airfare for March 2010 Camp

GCA International Counselors 2010

Rebecca Amy
Renee Austell
Maribeth Carroll
Madison Dunn (camper)
Lesley Sau Kuen Fung
Jeannette Osterweil
Martha Pinto
Paco Francisco Rodriguez
Bronwyn Wilson
Lisa Wilson

GCA 2010 Volunteers

Pat Barnett
Lisa Covert
Brian Crowder
Jeff Donahue
Helen Dunn
Judy Forst
Lesley Sau Kuen Fung
Linda Green
Ellen Jewett
Lynn Lilienthal
Roz Rakoff
Tracy Lynne Stroh