2012 Donors

Our Heartfelt Thanks go to our Donors of 2012

$10,000 and Up

Laren and Jesse Brill
The Timber Lake Foundation

$5,000 and up

Pakula Sheila and Larry
The David & Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation

$1,000 and Up

Nancy and Roger Brown
Dina and Dave Crowder
Jan and Chuck Davis
Nancy Dorn
Susan and Dale Dunlop
Jil and Britt Feldhausen
Hunt Howell
Janet and Hunt Howell
Sandy and Carl Jaffee
Doreen and Steve Larson
Sue and Robert Lebby
Ellen Maland and Donald B. Adams
Audrey and Steve Monke
Kimberly and Scott Murphy
Becky Chaplan and David Nathan
Lori and Bob Neuman
Katherine Parker
Doug Pierce
Lenore and Rafe Pomerance
Betty and Phil Powell
Kathi Robinson
Eveleen and Eric Sass*
Judy Segal
Janice Min and Peter Sheehy
Denise and John Venn
Foley Family Foundation
Horace Greeley High School
Kantor Foundation
Zenkel Foundation

$500 and Up

Tony Barkan
Pat and Bob Barnett
Joanne and David Bauer
Dorli Bokel
Regina and Bill Bouie*
Kate Strachan and Lauchlin  Burnett
Maribeth Carroll
Karen and Jim Cleveland
Laurie Corkey*
Nancy Davis
Kathleen and Tom Finn
Baba and Mike Freeman
Barbara Friend
Linda Fuller
Linda and Hal Gerber
Roberta, Thomas and Ellie Gosling
Laura Gould
Bonnie and Bob Haukness
Diana and Merton Hill
Theresa and Peter Kaufman
Shel Kupper
Lynn and Phil Lilienthal
Sally and Steven Meisner
Alison and Andy Moeschberger
Patty and Bill Nicoson
Roz and Stuart Rakoff*
Vicki and Jean-Andre Rougeot
Melissa and Scott Schiller
Chery and Keith Scruggs*
Mary and David Searles
Mary Szpanka
Helen Tucker
Kohann and Ed Williams
Kara and Byron Wong
Karen Hale and Kirby Yarbourgh
Champlain Valley Unitarian Universalist Society
Kents Hill School National Honor Society
Peter J. Solomon Family Foundation

$250 and Up

Kathy and Robert Beck*
John Bodkin
Carol Bradley
Phebe Cambata
Adele and Rick Carter
Sharron and Steve Cristofar
Emily Crowder*
Alan Epstein
Judy and Brian Forst
Cheryl and Dick Freeman
Leila and Robert Gordon
Ann Granger
Barbara and Stanley Hirsch
Sarah and Tom Janover
Suzi and Jim Jones
Nancy and Cal Larson
Mindy and Stephen LeBeau
Della Levy
Jeffrey Lodermeier
Jeanie Meikle*
Joel Millikin
Sharon Pawley
Linda and Ken Schatz*
Nancy Seifer
Donna Shaffer
Jeffrey Shulkin*
Keisha Smith
Cheryl Terio
Don Whipple*
Teton Valley Ranch Camp

$100 and Up

John Alciati
Ann and Bill Barbieri
Tom Barilla
Betsy and Dan Barrett
Dorothy  Bearman
Phyllis and Alan Berger
Dolores Boylston Bohen
Jane Carpenter
Lynn and Lee Christopher
Marylou and David Cleary
Nancy and David Cooperrider
Lisa Covert
Mary Ellen Craig
Barbara  Ditzian
Joanne Dowdell
Jackie Durham
Virginia Egger
Ann Eliahu
Tommy Feldman
Linda and Andrew Ferber
Patricia and David Foran
Mary Garner-Mitchell
Susann and Bob Gerstein
Gillian Goldman
Caren and Dick Gorenberg
Leslie Gosling
Arthur Gosling
Margaret and John Gosling
Ellen Graves
Linda Green
Thomas Greving
Daniel Grove
Robert and Lyda Dicus Hanson
Donna and Marcel Infeld
Jessica  Johnson
Linda Kemp
Roberta and Richard Kennedy
Shakta Khalsa
Meredith Kimbell
Kelli Koga
Barbara Krimgold
Sarah Lichtenstein
Jane Lichtman
Linda and Sydney Liebes
Henry Lowell
George Lukas
Marcia McCullough
Beverly A McEntarfer*
Ginger McGuire
Steve Meader
Karen Meltzer
Priscilla, Peter and Robert Miller
Craig Morgan*
Maureen and Craig Nuechterlein
Donna and James Papageorge
Valeriy Plotnikov
Jan and Lee Rau
David Raymond
Paco Rodriguez
Nancy and David Roll
Harriet and Bob Selverstone
Peggy Shriffin
Linda Singer*
Naomi & Jonathan Smulian
Jane Soderberg
Anne and Keith Strange
Dave and Rusty Strouse
Kathryn Swan
Judith Swedek
Pat and Ron Taylor
Laura and Carol Thomas
Pam and Phil Tobey
Leslie MAITLAND and Dan Werner
Fran and Dick Winneg

Every Bit Counts

Susan and Peter Eareckson Bathke
Kristina and Erik Beall
Mary and Sherwin Belkin
Nancy Benson
Sandra Bergeson
Cecilia Brown
John Bruen
Charles Butler
Tammy and Rick Caggiano
Susan and Robert Caine
Diane Carroad
Rohini and Ganesh Chandrabhatla
Phyllis and Lenny Chorazy
Rebecca Cohen
Lydia and Howard Colwell
Jadon Connell
Allie and Robert Cooper
Beverly and Ralph Cosham
Michael Croghan
Edmund Crump
Charles Dell
Debban Dodrill
Ellyn and Tom Dooley
Deborah and J. William Droke
Barbara and George Duman
Trevin Dunn
Barbara Evans
Ellen Flight*
Michael Forgit
Carol Fram
Sandi and Michael Friedman
K. Werner Gass
Barbara Gems
Stamo and Apostolos Georgiou
Linnea Hamer
Eileen and Sam Harahan
Ruth Hennefeld
Diana and Andrew Hirshfeld
Amy and Edward Joyce
Wendi Kaufman
Allan Knight
Ellen and Alfred Kremer
Ron Kulik
Sandra Laeser
Dannielle LaRosa
Nicole Ghanem and Wissam Maamari
Dorothy Mammen
Ann Mandelbaum
Juliet and Greg McClellan
Eva Barczay and Steve Miller
Sara and Joydeep Bhattacharyya Mukherjee
Mary Ann and Paul Myers
Jeannette Osterweil
J. Erin Owens
Jean and Kurt Pronske
Allan Ratner
Janet and Alan Rems
Ed Robichaud
Rashmi and Alok Shrivastava
Kyle Spencer
Shana Spiegel
Keith Summers
Muna and Kurt Van Engen
Helene Weiland
Henrietta Witt
Caryl  Yanow
Amy and E. Margery Zeckhauser
Change Round-Up
*Sustaining Donor

Gifts In Kind

Chuck Veatch Mini storage units
American Camp Association Name badge holders
Westex Company Sunscreen
Songadeewin of Keewaydin Girls t-shirts
Oakton High School/GCA Club School and art supplies
Tim Horton Memorial Tshirts
Grace Episcopal Church Bathing Suits
Pam Van Arsdale Bathing Suits
Charlotte Daly Bathing Suits
Carol Moyer Bathing Suits
Michelle O'Rourke Bathing Suits
Ellie Gosling Camp Supplies
South African Airways/Debi Droke Airline Tickets
The Spot Tshirts