Mosaic Harmony and South African Counselors Make Beautiful Music Together

Last night at St. Anne's Episcopal Church in Reston, Virginia, 5 of Global Camps Africa's counselors from Camp Sizanani joined us for an unforgettable evening of music and support for HIV-affected children.  Mosaic Harmony, an inter-faith choir, gave an inspiring performance to benefit Global Camps Africa.  Before intermission, our 5 counselors took the stage and shared their own music with the rapt crowd.  After the show, many members of the audience stayed to meet all of the performers and to talk with the counselors about their experiences at Camp Sizanani. Global Camps Africa's life-changing programs to provide life skills and HIV-prevention education to children in South Africa is only possible because of generous, caring people who connect with our vision and provide the funds to make it happen.  Last night's concert was a beautiful example of just these kinds of connections being made.  We're grateful for our supportive friends and community of donors who joined us for the event, and for our talented and dedicated counselors who inspire us all.