GCA for My Birthday!

by Courtney Harris

With my 30th birthday fast approaching -- April 1st will be here so soon! -- I thought this “milestone” birthday would be a creative avenue for sharing Global Camps Africa with my friends, family, and social network. Having begun my role as office manager in January, those close to me have already heard many wonderful things about GCA’s mission and programs. I thought a birthday fundraiser would allow me to share some videos and stories with my extended network, with the added bonus of hopefully raising money for our programs and extending our donor base. My immediate family loved the idea and encouraged my development of the fundraiser page. At this point in my life the only “gift” I desire is time with friends and family, so for those who enjoy a more “tangible” gift idea, this seemed like a reasonable (and fun!) solution.

The fundraiser kicked off in early March, and so far it has been a great way to talk with my network about GCA’s programs. I have shared our videos with interested parties, and received a great deal of positive feedback. If nothing else this fundraiser has provided me the joy of spreading the word about GCA and sharing our impact with my dear friends and family. I am incredibly grateful for the support of friends and family, and look forward to growing in my role as Office Manager at Global Camps Africa!

To see Courtney's fundraising page, click here.