A new year...the perfect time to add a new adventure to your calendar

It's the first month of a brand new year.  Isn't that exciting?  A blank calendar just begging for plans to be made and dates to be filled...but what if this year, instead of allowing those boxes to be covered with the same old appointments, obligations, and expectations, you added something brand new?  An adventure.  A bucket list item.  A dream fulfilled.  A new year is calling...follow the map below to find one amazing way to answer.


Now that you are sure a trip to South Africa with Global Camps Africa is a terrific idea, find all the details on our itinerary and brochure.  If you're ready to sign up (spaces are filling fast and the deadline for joining the trip is March 31!), let us know.  If you still have a few questions, we'd love to talk to you (you can reach us by phone at 703-437-0808 or email info@globalcampsafrica.org).  We hope your 2016 is off to a great start, and that you can join us for an amazing adventure in South Africa to make this year a truly spectacular one.  Sawubona!