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HIV-affected children in South Africa need education and life skills. Your sustaining support makes it happen.


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One Camper’s Story

"I am being raised by my grandmother and sister, my mother passed on when I was young, I don't remember her because my sister says she passed on when I was 3 years old. I have made friends at Sizanani. I have also learned how to treat others, respect the views and cultures of others, so that I can be respected and treated the way I want to be treated. There are other things I didn't really take time to think about, but learned at Sizanani. Like the difference between right and wrong, what I need to do when I'm in a difficult situation like rape, abuse, and many more. Sizanani has helped me build my self-esteem and confidence, because I was shy and wasn't comfortable talking to people or standing in front of a class or crowded room to talk. Now, I can present during group work and I also answer questions in class at school. Sizanani has not only made a difference on me, it has made a difference in my community as well. The number of boys who were stealing in the community has decreased, some have even changed their bad behavior and are now well behaved. I am grateful for what Sizanani has done for me. I am a changed person."