Exploration of Expansion: Partnership in Nigeria

Required Investment: $80,000

Project Goals: To establish the feasibility of expanding the Global Camps Africa (GCA) programs into Nigeria. Nigeria has second largest HIV burden in the world (follows South Africa) [19].

Duration of Project: 12 months

Target Population Group:  Youth (children/orphans/adolescents) – 12 -18 years old. In Nigeria, 40% of reported new cases of HIV are youth aged 15 to 24, which the highest when compared to other age groups in the country [20]

Project Location:  Nigeria

Drivers of HIV infection Target Population Group: Early sex initiation is increasing HIV vulnerability in adolescents and young people. 15% of young person’s start having sex before the age of 15 years [21]. Girls as young as 15 years become child brides and give birth to their first child before 18 in some parts of Nigeria [22].

Number of Youth Impacted (projection):  not sure

Project alignment to strategic objectives of Camp Sizanani: Objective 6

Project Description:  Because of the success of the GCA programs in South Africa (which has the highest HIV burden in the world), the Organisation has made expansion into other African countries a strategic objective (to be achieved by 2020). This will broaden the positive impact of GCA’s holistic approach to supporting children and youth affected by HIV/AIDS.

Nigeria has been identified as a possible project location because of its high HIV burden and because of the high number of youth traumatized by Boko Haram violence leading to a high number of internally displaced people (IDP) in the country.  lthough HIV/AIDS school programs in Nigeria provide awareness and comprehensive knowledge on HIV/AIDS, growing evidence suggests that there is a disconnect between young people’s knowledge about HIV/AIDS and what they do [23].

It is with this background that GCA intends to visit Nigeria and ascertain the feasibility of expanding its programs into Nigeria and partnering with local groups that will provide the trauma counseling os vitally needed. . An investment of $80000 will cover travel and accommodation costs for GCA staff and service providers for visits to Nigeria, the cost of a feasibility study and costs related to meeting various stakeholders in Nigeria.