How to Survive a Plague Screening a Success

Over 100 people joined Global Camps Africa in New York City at the Anthology Film Center on Thursday evening, November 6th, 2014, to view the screening of How to Survive a Plague.

The film, which chronicles the heroic activists in the 1980s that helped make HIV/AIDS into a manageable disease by fighting for better treatment, was warmly received and the audience was excited to ask engaging questions to our esteemed panelists. Led by moderator, Jeffrey Wright, and joined by expert panelists, Director David France, Dr. Jessica Justman, and Founder of Global Camps Africa, Phil Lilienthal, the group discussed a variety of topics with the audience that evening.

The discussion began with thoughts about the film and the surprising activism that took place in New York at a time when support for AIDS was not what it is today. There was a lively conversation about the current effects of Ebola and many of the parallels to a similar response by the public that the documentary portrayed.

The complex challenges of dealing with infectious diseases with significant stigmas that can create large scale fears throughout the world are issues that have been a part of the work that Global Camps Africa has done for the last 10 years. Phil Lilienthal spoke about camp and the importance of fighting these diseases with those who can be the most affected by intervention in the country that has the largest number of HIV/AIDS infected people in the world.

The evening was a tremendous success and Global Camps Africa would like to thank everyone who attended to make the event possible. Special thanks goes out to David France, Public Square Films, Bill Haworth & Sam Estep, Jeffrey Wright, Integrated Strategies, Ginger McGuire, IFC Films and Dr. Jessica Justman.