2011 Donors

Our Heartfelt Thanks go to our Donors of 2011

$10,000 and Up

Cleveland Dodge Foundation
Jenna and Jason Grosfeld
Nancy and Jim Grosfeld
 Himan Brown Charitable Trust
Janet and Hunt Howell
Lynn Lilienthal
Medical Education Collaborative
Red Ribbon Foundation

$5,000 and Up

Laura and Andy Lilienthal
Sheila and Larry,  Pakula
Bernie Paul
Julie and Bill Penick Family Fund
S&L Marx Foundation
The David & Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation
Patrick Watson

$1,000 and Up

Maurice Adams
Susan Albert
Renee and Ted Austell
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Nancy Bard
Fran and Ankie Barnes
Pam and Tim Barnes
April and Jim Benson
Regina and Bill Bouie
Jenny Bowker
Carol Bradley
Donna and Michael Brandwein
Nancy and Roger Brown
Leigh and Ben Carpenter
Maribeth Carroll
Laurie Corkey
Aurelie and Mike Drexler
Susan and Dale Dunlop
Helen and Ronald Dunn
Fairfax County Council Training Workshop
Debbie and Ron Fellman
Martha and Thomas Ferrell
Deborah Fins
Liz and Sam Fox
Leila and Robert Gordon
Thomas Greving
Jonny Groetzinger
Ellen and Bob Gutenstein
Madelaine Haberman
Kristen and Matt Hill
Immanuel Presbyterian Church
Anne and Rob Ivanhoe
Vicki Katz
Pam Klem
Sue and Robert Lebby
Susan Levine
Ben Lilienthal
Cynthia Lloyd
Ellen Maland
John and Tony McKenzie
Peg and Lou Metzger
Edie Middleton
Katherine Parker
Margy and Bob Pastor
Tia and Mike Pearse
Peter J. Solomon Family Foundation
Doug Pierce
Lenore and Rafe Pomerance
Roz and Stuart Rakoff
David Ralston
Deborah and Chuck Royce
Mary Saily
Eveleen and Eric Sass
Karen Schwartz
Rori Shaffer
Barbara Shapiro
Vita and Mark Shapiro
The Skier Foundation
Margie and Peter Smith
Joanne and Chris Stavrou
Gillian and Robert Steele
Students of St. Clement's School
Mary Szpanka
Peggy and David Tanner
 The Fins Family Foundation
Alma Tuchman
Louise and Henrik Vanderlip
Edna and Donald Weiss
Scott and Sally Whipple
Michele and Dan Zenkel

$500 and Up

Pam and Bob Adams
Nancy and Benjamin Aryeh
Christine Barnes
Kelsey Barrett
Joanne and David Bauer
Donna Beck
Linda and Fred Blaisdell
Scott Brody
Leslie and Mike Cohen
Roger Frankland Conover
Lynda and Skip Dickerson
Lucy and David Eisenberg
Renee and Jeff Epstein
Kim Erle
Jil and Britt Feldhausen
Liz Flynn
Judy and Brian Forst
Diana and Dan Wolfson Gandolfi
Jane Gol
Anne Marie and Steve Gold
Heidi Gore
Elise Greenberg
Julia and Seth Halpern
Claire Henriques
Peter Hirsch
Sally and Mike Horner
Shirley and Karl Ingebritsen
Jessica Johnson
Suzi and Jim Jones
Suri Kasirer
Amelia Kass
Diana and Michael Katz
Kents Hill School National Honor Society
Gudrun and Charlie Kerr
Leni and Mitchell Klaimitz
Shel Kupper
Jill Lampe
Doreen and Steve Larson
Kelly Lukins
Robert Marks
Eveline and Michael Marquardt
Claire Marx
Jessica Mathews
Maryanne and John McGowan
Anne McGuinness
Jeanie Meikle
Lori and Bob Neuman
Cyndy and Jack Porter
Gwynn Powell
Betty and Phil Powell
Joyce and Ronald Rabens
Jacqui and Don Raill
Scott Ralls
Samuel Rea
Diana and Charles Revson
Vicki and Jean-Andre Rougeot
Arlene and Chester Salomon
Sam Schiller
Sam Schiller
John Simmons
Michael Singer
Spyros Skouras
Damaris Skouras
Alison Sohmer
Marjorie and Paul Stanzler
Troy Stovall
Helen Tucker
Lina Watson
Bob Webb
Erika Weinstein
Leslie and Dan Werner
Kohann and Ed Williams
The Williams Companies, Inc.
Cindy Winebaum Family Charitable Trust
Fran and Dick Winneg
Harrison Wladis
N.Convers Wyeth

$250 and Up

Stephanie and Ed Abbott
Jonnet and Peter Abeles
Karen and Kent Allen
anonymous anonymous
Jane and Tony Asch
Dale Austin
Bev and Armand Ball
Nancy Barnes
Susie and Steve Baskin
Ann and Kenneth Baum
Katherine and Chris Berman
Boston Industrial Consulting
Sharon Bradshaw
Susan and Bud Burwell
Becky Chaplan
Amy and Brian Christaldi
Tom Conrad
Sharron and Steve Cristofar
Dave Crowder
Emily Crowder
Lisa Dack
Jan and Robert Dilenschneider
Patricia Donovan
Joanne Dowdell
Audrey Dursht
Jim Elder
Michael Fechter
Eric Feder
Kathleen and Tom Finn
 First Congregational Church
Michael Forgit
Roger Frankland
Cheryl and Dick Freeman
David Friedman
Margaret Gasnick
Scott Gellman
Ann Granger
Ellen, Dan and Ben Haber
Robrt Heath
Heidi and Nate Hellring
Sarah and Tom Janover
Nancy and Nathan Kacew
Jamie and Harold Kotler
Sarah and Jamie Kresberg
Nancy and Cal Larson
Phil Lilienthal
Babs and Bob Mann
Judy and Rodney Margolis
Beverly A McEntarfer
Ginger McGuire
Noelle Meeke
Sally and Steven Meisner
Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation
Jill and Richard Meyer
Linn and Terry Mitchell
Lauren Nossel
Barbara and Dermot O'Reilly
Carol and Dick Paul
Kyle Poston
Saree Ptak
Jan and Lee Rau
Joe Ritchey
Cynthia Robertson
Martha and David Schwartz
Ann and Ron Scott
Keith Scruggs
Mary and David Searles
Nancy Seifer
Laal Shams
Linda Singer
Irene Smith
Bonnie and Mitchell Spiegel
Cheryl Terio
Lois Wallace
Ward School 5th Grade Class
Kathleen Wechter
Don Whipple
Laura Williams
Jonathan Yager
Jennifer Zuch

$100 and Up

Audrey Aanes
Alice Abrash
Kristin Adams
Lee Altman
Ted Andrews
Linda and Dick Aronson
Madeleine Bailey
Stephen Balel
Sarah Bansen
Eva and Steve Barczay/Miller
Tom Barilla
Pete Bassett
Kathy and Robert Beck
Nancy Becker
Connie and Jeffrey Beers
Judy Bernardi
Jean Birnberg
Kirk Bloomgarden
Catherine S. Bollinger
Benjamin and David Brandwein
Maryann Britt
Katherine Burlin
Sara Butturini
Cheryl and Craig Caldwell
Bobbie and Monte Carmel
Claudia Chaille
Phyllis and Lenny Chorazy
Lydia and Howard Colwell
Robert S. Cook, Jr.
Allie and Robert Cooper
Beverly and Ralph Cosham
Mary Ellen Craig
Maxine Creanza
Victoria and Roberto Cremonini
Nancy Davis
Michelle and Erik De Cou-Landberg
Elizabeth De Lima
Gabe DeSantis
Claudia and Peter Donovan
Amy and Tom Donovan and O'Toole
Alexis and David Downs
Virginia Egger
Barbara and Henry Felt
Ellen Flight
Nancy Frankel
Helen and Henry Freedman
Madeline Fried
Krista and Skip Friedrich
Ian Garner
Susann and Bob Gerstein
Jean and Kenneth Gold
Ellen and Constance Golding
Caren and Dick Gorenberg
Theresa and Robert Goudie
Kate Grant
Linda Green
Vicki, Liam and Terry Greiss
Karen Grillo
Allan Gropper
Nancy and Carl Gropper
Joan Hackel
Linnea Hamer
Joan and Jeffrey Harris
Bonnie and Robert Haukness
Sally and Elliot  Heller
Katherine Hill
Susan Hine
Laurie, Robert and Max Horne
Marianna Houston
Catherine and Willie Hudgins
Susan and F.B. Humphrey
Donna and Marcel Infeld
Elena Istomina
Judith Katz
Laura and Ken Kaufman
Sue and Bob Kaufman
Melissa Kazan
Julia Keane
Roberta and Richard Kennedy
Patty and Kevin Kennedy
Susan and Richard Kenyon
Shakta Khalsa
Kim and Ralph Rosenberg Foundation
Elizabeth Kneier
Roni and Peter Knitzer
Lauren and Matthew Kryman
David Lahm
Tom Langman
Mindy and Stephen LeBeau
Judi Lederer
Andrea and Anthony Lembeck
Carolyn Love
Marilyn and Jerry Lyle
Markel Corporation
Charles Marks
Kathleen and William McFadden
Thomas McGinley
Regan and Doug McNair
Meghan and Mike Metzger
Joel Millikin
Louise  Moody
Katherine and John Morrison
Claire Moses
Doug Mueller
Barbara and David Mullaney
Mac Murray
Paul Nathanson
Patricia and Sanvil Newman
Herb Newman
Kathy and Joe Oris
Jeannette Osterweil
Nancy and Bob Peavy
Nancy and John Pielemeier
Joan and Michael Pine
Pamela Pope
Jean and Kurt Pronske
Linda and Richard Pulliam
Susan and Bill Quill
Gail and Joseph Reimer
Dina and Daniel Relies
Adrienne Ris
Nancy Risman
Karen and Mark Robinson
Linda Rogoff
Janice Romley
Regie and Jeff Roth
William Rueter
Julie and Andrew Russell
Gary Schanzer
Linda and Ken Schatz
Seth Schein
Harriet and Bob Selverstone
David Sheehy
Cathy Spear
Anne Thomas
Laura and Carol Thomas
Patricia Timmons
Louise and Joseph Tranford and Lipari
Tracy and Ted Truman
Unum Group
Alexis and louis Ventre
Marcy and Ellis Verdi
Boni and Rick Vernier
Emily and Steve Ward
Dennis Weaver
Dan Weir
Mark Wellborn
Peggy Wells Moore
David Wolff
Linda and Manuel Zenick
Deborah Ziering

Every Bit Counts

Anita Abraham-Inz
Edith Allen
Suzanna Alter
Austin Alter
Maryetta Andrews-Sachs
Alexa Arlos
Patricia Asrican
Val and Jerry August
Joshua Balik-Klein
Ann and Bill Barbieri
Priscilla Bauersfeld
Carolyn and Randy Benthien
Jean and Bruce Boston
Nancy and Dave Braun
David Bravo
Melissa Brooks
Susan and Robert Caine
Jacqueline Cambata
Sir/Madam Cambridge Friends School
Megan and Scott Carpenter
Diane Carroad
Courtney Carter
Susan Chamberlin
Rita and Samuel Chapin
Diane and William Cherkin-Brawarsky Family Trust
Janet Childs
Carole Chrvala
Barbara Clapp
Marylou and David Cleary
Mary Connell
Andrea Cousineau
Lisa Covert
Anna Crew
Judy and Thomas Crosby
Beth Davidson
Stacie Davis
Pamela Del Bene
Charles Dell
Cathy, Josh, Ella, Maya and Ze Deutchman
Sylvia Corkey Devlin
Cindy Donahue
Susan and James Douglas
Erin Fisher
Amanda Flamm
Joseph Fleig
Allyson Flower
Lynne and Gary Forester
Selma and Jose Fortoul
Kare Fortoul
Nia Georges
Margaret Gerard
Carolyn Ginsburg
Florence and Peter Golden
Stefany Gordon
Emily Gore Gore
Ellen Graves
Daniel Grove
Tom Grubisich
Debora and Richard Hackel
Linda and Lloyd Hackel
Josh Hall
Eileen and Sam Harahan
Judith and Palmer Hartl
Rebecca Himelberger
Peggy and Leon Holland
Dore Hollander
Kevin Howard
Virginia Humphrey
Tracy Jaffe
Nancy and Steve Karotkin
Mary and Robert Kelly
Dan Kesselbrenner
Lisa Kiely
Mary Kiely
Carol and Josh Kirson
Stacey Konowitz
Thomas Kress
Ron Kulik
Jennifer Lawrence
Thao Le
Julia Lee
Sarah Johannah Lesser
Alana Levitt
Billy Liptrot
Joan Lister
Shannon Llewellyn
Bonnie and Carroll Lock
Anita and Roger Lowen
Gertrude Lundy
Lydia Macdonald-Colwell
Leo Matarazzo
Judith and Danny Michael
Elsie Miller
Inga Mills
Craig Morgan
Cameron Henry Moser
Eleanor Munson
Peter Noel
Marshall Odeen
Emeka Ofodile
Arlene Olkin
Leslie Outten
Rosemarie Perla
Jane and Ken Plum
Linda and Roy Pollock
Kristyne and Stephen Potter
Eileen and Jeremiah Quinlan
Kathleen Randall
Patricia and Lisa Read
Ed Robichaud
Ellen and Richard Rodin
Patsy Rogers
Jenny Rudolph
Beth Ann Salzman
Suzanna Schell
Jay Schiff
Karl Schnitger
Jeffrey Kiefer Shilkin
Jeffrey Shulkin
Jodie Siegel
Pat and Bob Silverman
Todd Simon
Nancy St. Germain
Robin Straus
Chauncey Street
Carol and Steve Sudduth
Pat and Ron Taylor
Helene and Leonard Vinnick
Sally Wakeland
Jeff Wallace
Helene Weiland
Cynthia Weisman
Nicole Woodley
Carla and Bob Yock
Josephine Zacharia

Gifts In Kind

John Beitner Boys and Girls bathing suits
Regina and Bill Bouie Travel expenes to the Board meeting
Michelle Brancontier Nametags, bathing suits, totebags, lanyards, socks, plastic bracelets and whistles
Caroline Breinin sneakers
Charles Butler toiletries
Margit Campbell Various shoes
Don Cheley Shoes
Ross Coleman Sweatshirts and soccer shorts
Cindy Donahue Pens for camp
Lauren and Ryan Katz Soccer balls, tennis and softballs, footballs, softballs, kickball
Scott Llewellyn Scanner and printer
Gwynn Powell Games
Paul Seridan Swimsuits, soccer shorts and shoes
Tom Sawyer Camps Shirts, swimsuits and goggles
Kohann and Ed Williams Airfare for Board Meetings, food and supplies for fundraisers, printer and scanner
Erica Wilson various toiletries, art supplies and hats