2005 Donors

$50,000 and more MAC AIDS Foundation
$20,000 and more Jackson Foundation
$10,000 and more Grosfeld, Jason
$5,000 and more Wall Street Cares Gilead Sciences, Inc. Red Ribbon Foundation
$1,000 and more Goodkind, Jen and John International Camping Fellowship Penick, Julie and Bill Bowker, Jennifer Irondale Productions, Inc. Paul, Carol and Richard Coleman, Marla and George Courtiss, Linda Eisenberg Family Fdn. Mitzi & Warren Feldhausen, Jil and Britt Francis, Vicki Singh and Joe Freeman, Monroe and Baba Hausfeld Family Heath, Robert Hirsch, Barbara and Stanley Horner, Sally and Mike Howell, Janet and Hunt Levine, Susan Madoff, Stephanie Mikesell & Mark Pomerance, Lenore and Rafe Sheehy, Janice Min & Peter Simon, Andrew Skier, Henry, Aimee & Jeffrey Zenkel, Michele and Daniel Zenkel Foundation
$500 and more Kimbell, Meredith Crossland, Laura Spector, Stephen Craig, Mary Ellen Bergholz, Louis Gilbert, Barbara Fain and Jason Gasnick, Margaret Hirsch, Peter Janover, Marcy Sandler and Jim Janover, Sarah and Tom Long & Foster Real Estate Maccabee, Sherry Morse and John Marx, Cornelius Marx, Claire Middleton, Edie Paul, Carol and Richard Porter, Cydny & Jack Rougle, Tara Verdonk Searles, Mary and David Sudduth, Carol & Steve Wyeth N.C.
$100 and more Barrett, Betsy Bledstein, Linda and Mark Lane, Elly Corkey, Laura & Jack Pauker, Laurie and David Culver's Frozen Custard Bell, Larry Landis, David Reppucci, Christine & Dickon Sideris, Fotini Arnell, Heidi Hellring & Nate Eisenhart, Mrs. Edward Friend, Barbara Jewish Fed.of Grtr. Manchester Levine, David Nelson, Kim and John Powell, Phillip Risman, Leonie Schwartz, Martha & David Singer, Diana and James Zenick, Linda & Mick Needham High School Nat'l Honor Soc.&SPA Honor Soc Camp Timberlane for Boys Gile, Carol and Merle Hershey, Matt Hershey, Janet and Mark Kaufman, Sue and Bob Newmann, Mary Shapiro, Randy Smerling, Kathryn Zimmerman, Esther and Stanley Newman, Patricia & Sanvil Winneg, Frances and Richard Dooley, Ellyn Barilla, Thomas Leibowitz, Laura and Seth Bristol, Bruce Abrams, Susan Kenyon and Richard Bearman, Dorothy and Sid Bijelic, Branko & Jasna Blumberg, Stephen and Wendy Boston, Bruce Bosworth, Ted Carmel, Bobbie and Monte Cristofar, Sharron and Steve Davis, Pamela Deutchman, Catherine Eisenstein, Stefany Gordon and Jethro Espino, Elizabeth Finger, Judy Frumkin, Arlene & Mitchell Girod, Anne & Albert Glasser, Allison Infeld, Donna and Marcel Knitzer, Roni Berg & Peter Kripotos, Spero Kulik, Ronald Labuda, Igor Metzger, Peg and Lou Moses, Claire and Arnie Nelson, Kim and John Pangborn, Greta Romley, Janice and Victor Rosenstock, Deborah Rothchild, Hilarie Blumenthal & Kennon Shea, Clare Strickman, Robin and Michael Sudduth, Carol & Steve Truman, Traci and Ted Vieweg, Nancy Seifer and Martin Winneg, Frances and Richard Write By Design
Every bit counts Seving, Christine and Fritz Thomas, Anne Rothstein, Sharon and Marc Solmsen, Bradley Lakeland, Theatres, Inc. Donovan, Pat Goelman, Tamar Alper, Tamar Todd and Ty Better, Nancy DeMaio, June and Donald Eames, Sarah Englander, Pamela Friedman, Marjorie and Joel Giresi, Molly McLogan and Christine Greenberg, Helene and Michael Mann, Sally & Tony Meikle, Jean Muirhead, Nancy Ott, Anja Ribando, Ann & Curtis Rubel, Melissa Shribman, Cynthia S. and David Smith, Irene Straus, Robin Tanahashi, Kazuaki Weinerman, Hilary Meyers and Henry Gliati, Anna Schimer, Mr. and Mrs. Seelig, Abby Allen, Melissa Kusterbeck, Kathleen Dell, Charles Dorman, Leslie Gordon, Carol Gordon, Randi Katkin, Pamela Kearse, Amy and Brad Meikle, Jean Silberberg, Roberta R. Slaff, Esther and Bob King, Nancy Mandelbaum, Ann Seepes, Eleanor
Gifts In Kind *Albert Kirchner & Smith Barney Staff - 200 prs. of shoes *Jenny Abramson, airfare *Kelsey Barrett, airfare *Simone Carroll, airfare *Margie Clay, airfare *Mark Daniels, airfare *Barbara Friend, airfare *Jane Henley, airfare *Sassy Kohlmeyer, airfare *Edie Middleton, airfare *Abbie Newman, airfare *Adam Roth, airfare *Lindsay Tucker, airfare *Thomas Barilla, computer and printer *Gary Bauer, art supplies *Elizabeth Parker Chumney, clothing and arts&crafts supplies *Jim Elder, sneakers *Friends of Reston Region Library, books *Major League Baseball, hats *Lois Male, arts&crafts supplies *Peg and Lou Metzger, arts&crafts supplies *Bob Publicover, books *Nancy and Robbie Risman, computer *Regie and Jeffrey Roth, sneakers *The Camp Spot, 900 hats *Westex Company, sunscreen *Tony Asch and Nancy King, web development *Thanks also to the Alpha Shirt Co., Alan Hoffman, Shakta Khalsa, Carina Slepian, and Nick Timreck *All our great US staff, who pay their own way and usually collect things to bring with them for the children.