UN, World Bank Release New Report On The Global HIV Epidemic

A new report on the global HIV epidemic among young people was released by five U.N. organizations, as well as the World Bank and the International Labor Organization, on Wednesday. In a statement given after the report’s release, the World Bank’s managing director, Mahmoud Mohieldin, noted that "Existing prevention strategies have had limited success, so we have to look for creative new approaches to reverse the HIV/AIDS epidemic. These must address people's very basic needs for education, economic security, inclusion, dignity, and human rights." We at Global Camps Africa agree with Mr. Mohieldin and his colleages at the United Nations. That’s why we are using an innovative approach to HIV/AIDS prevention and education in our programs: residential camp experiences for AIDS-affected children and youth in South Africa. We are reaching young people with voluntary HIV testing and counseling services, life skills, and HIV education through activities that are informal and fun. We create a secure environment that provides a foundation for learning based on trust, love, and acceptance.

Please join us in our work to empower children for an AIDS-free tomorrow. Find us at www.globalcampsafrica.org.