Can #GivingTuesday Really Make a Difference?


This Giving Tuesday, many of us may be asking ourselves whether one day with a hashtag can really make a difference, or if it's just a marketing gimic that clutters our social media feeds and fills our inboxes.  At Global Camps Africa, we get excited about Giving Tuesday because it gives us a chance to join with other non-profits to shine a light on what we think is the most important thing about the holidays:  LOVE.  

Whatever we believe (or don't believe), however we celebrate, wherever we are, we share this moment.  And the moment, the holiday season, is about love.  For some of us, it's a moment to honor a love born of faith.  For others, it's a time to celebrate love for our families and friends.  And on Giving Tuesday, we take the moment to share that love with the rest of the world.  We shine a brilliant, beautiful light out into the darkest places and say, "We see you.  We love you.  We can help."

So, yes, Giving Tuesday is a clever marketing idea and it probably does fill our inboxes to overflowing...but it is also a welcome opportunity to take a moment to focus on what makes this season so special.  If we take the opportunity...if we take the love we feel for others and turn it into action...Giving Tuesday can change a child's life.