Reserved Seating for "The Fall"


Reserved Seating for "The Fall"


Experience "The Fall" with Global Camps Africa

Sunday, November 11 at 2:30pm

Join us for this exclusive opportunity to experience "The Fall" at Studio Theater in Washington, DC.  In addition to tickets to the play, we will have a discussion with the cast after the show, followed by a wine and cheese reception.  

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Tickets are $100 each and are extremely limited.  We must release any unreserved tickets on November 1st, so please purchase your tickets as soon as possible!

Play Synopsis from Studio Theatre:

As the statue of imperialist Cecil Rhodes was dismantled at the University of Cape Town, seven students wrote The Fall, charting their experiences as activists who brought down a statue and then grappled with decolonizing what was left standing in its wake: the legacies of race, class, gender, history, and power 24 years after the official end of Apartheid.  Political and deeply personal, vibrating with song, dance, and the energy of youth, The Fall comes to DC with the urgency of history being told as it’s created, resonating with America's debates about falling monuments, rising tuition, and “appropriate” ways to fight for long-promised equality.