2014...A year of Support and Enthusiasm:

At the beginning of this new year, we want to pause and reflect on the accomplishments of the previous year. In addition, we would like you to know what we hope to achieve in the year ahead. The crystal ball may be inaccurate, but our enthusiasm trumps precision.

2014 was an historic year for Global Camps Africa!

We were funded through a contract with USAID in January 2014 to  operate 9 residential camps, for 457 campers. They came from 8 of the 9 South African provinces (one province simply had no requests) and were held at 7 sites.  

We had our usual three Camp Sizanani sessions. Our enthusiasm over working with new groups was such that we had a summer fundraising campaign to enable us to fund an additional camp for 120 children from the province of Limpopo.  

We strive to serve as many children as possible with quality programming and were pleased with the seamless way our counselors could adjust to a group from a new area, where language and local customs were a challenge to them. 

Our program is also growing internally. This past year, with a grant from LinkedIn, we developed a life skills curriculum for our Youth Clubs designed for children under 11 years of age, many of whom have been coming to Youth Clubs with their older siblings.  This expands our reach in the communities we serve, and will help to provide a better foundation for learning at Camp Sizanani. 

Thanks to the support of our donors, 1,414 youth attended our Youth Clubs a total of 7,695 times in 2014! 

All of our programming is made possible by the funding and support of our donors, and last year we had some outstanding events to raise funds for GCA.  We look forward to having more events like our How to Survive a Plague Screening Event and our World Cup viewing party in New York. 

We were also honored to have a dedicated group to walk on the GCA AIDS Walk New York Team, raising over $9,300 to support campers.  In order to commemorate World AIDS day this year, GCA supporters participated in our Global Campfire Event. 

We always have so much fun when our South African counselors (vochellis) come to visit the States. This year, before they embarked on their American summer camp experiences, three of our camp counselors hosted Sizanani Family Fun Day in Reston, VA, so some local supporters had the opportunity for a taste of camp and not just a description of what happens there. The success was such that we look forward to this year’s Sizanani Family Fun Day being repeated in Reston and coming to other cities.  


Please let us know if you are interested in having this in your community! 

Last year’s signature fundraiser was in Reston at the Oracle headquarters and it was a huge success! We are looking forward to an absolutely thrilling fundraiser this April at the Newseum in Washington, DC.  Go ahead and mark your calendars now for the evening of Saturday, April 25th...you won’t want to miss it. 

We are reminded every day of the impact we have the opportunity to make in the lives of our campers.  With the continued excellent support of our donors, we are so excited for all that we can accomplish this year!


Camp Sizanani Director Coming to Visit:

Kabelo Malefane will be visiting the US from January 26th until February 6th. 

He will be in Washington, DC and New York meeting some supporters and sharing about our program with them and with school groups.  He will be at  the American Camp Association (ACA) national conference with Phil Lilienthal in New Orleans, where they will be presenting two sessions. 

We are looking forward to having him here, and, at the ACA Conference, sharing with other camps around the country and the world what we do in South Africa.  Please watch this space for more about Kabelo’s trip on our blog after the conference!