JUly 2015

Reston Association and Global Camps Africa Team Up for Tribal Traditions Camp Session

Global Camps Africa partnered with Reston Association's Tribal Traditions camp, a special day as part of the Reston Association’s Summer Camp Program, to lead a one-day workshop where campers experienced three African-based activities: storytelling, rock painting and music making. We're so grateful for our Board member Angela Baker Howard and Reston Association's Program Camp Manager Dan Merenick for the first of many collaborations.

In GCA fashion, we saw beautifully painted rocks, heard exceptional drumming and saw creative stories acted out that day. The same inspiring activities from Camp Sizanani were replicated right here in Reston!

Sizanani Takoma Teen Leadership Camp

A unique cross-cultural, week-long, teen leadership camp will be held August 24th-28th in Takoma Park, Maryland. This very special experience is led by South African counselors and modeled on the success of Camp Sizanani. This will be the first true camp experience of GCA in the US!

Sizanani Takoma Teen Leadership Camp is a partnership between Global Camps Africa and Making A New United People (MANUP) and the City of Takoma Park, modeled after Camp Sizanani in South Africa. This camp experience will be focused on teaching self-empowerment, life skills, and communitSiy-building.  Using Global Camps Africa’s camp techniques to integrate sports, arts and crafts, songs, adventure, dance, and theatre, Camp Sizanani counselors who are working at US camps this summer will lead the camp. We are excited to see if the South African counselors will have the same magical influence on US teens as they have in South Africa.

Camp will be held at the Heffner Community Center on Oswego Ave. just above Maple Ave., and on neighboring fields and in community centers. The space has been generously donated by the city of Takoma Park and we will hold a community-wide celebration and potluck supper on Thursday, Aug. 27th.  We encourage parents and guardians of all campers to attend and would like to invite our supporters to come out to meet our vochellis and hear about the camp experience.

The Sizanani Takoma Teen Leadership Camp will be free of charge to low-income community members, but MANUP is seeking support to help keep the program free of cost. All donations go directly to staff costs and direct expenses for the week.  Contributions are tax deductible and can be given at M.A.N.U.P. (www.manupnow.org), Global Camps Africa (www.globalcampsafrica.org) or for the campaign to support the event at http://igg.me/at/SizananiTakomaTeenLeadershipCamp/x/5550278.

You can join us on August 27th for a potluck dinner with our South African Vochellis. For more information email jordan@globalcampsafrica.org. 

Report from the field - GCA shares Asikhulisane (Let’s Grow Together) Curriculum with local partners

After delivering our new life-skills program, Asikhulisane (“Let’s Grow Together,” in Zulu), designed just for children between the ages of 5 and 11 to 598 campers, we hosted a one-day, no-fee conference on July 31, 2015 in Johannesburg where we shared the results of our 1-year pilot program using the "camp club" model to deliver life skills and basic health education to children between the ages of 5 and 11 years.

Twenty registrants from 16 organizations attended and were provided with not only an overview of the program and an understanding of the results Global Camps Africa achieved, but also the curriculum and toolkit for implementation of our Asikhulisane Program. We spent several hours with the conference attendees in breakout sessions discussing the importance of staff training and the unique approach used by Global Camps Africa, practicing activities from the curriculum, and training conference participants in the use of the program’s monitoring and evaluation survey tools. 

Of the 568 children who enrolled and participated in some or all of the program, 75 completed all curriculum units as well as both pre- and post-intervention surveys.  Among that group there was a 32% increase in the number of children who could correctly describe HIV. There was a significant reduction in stigma related to HIV with the number of program participants claiming they would not be friends with HIV-infected children dropping from 61% to 32%. In addition, the participants’ self-confidence and resilience improved.  At the start of the program, 62% of students did not think they could have fun by themselves; this dropped to 29% by the end of the program.






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